“Suits” will be heading to the past in an upcoming episode, “The Other Time.” Going back further than in last season’s “Rewind” episode, the Season 3 flashback will show Harvey spending time with his father and navigating his early career.

Oh, and that can opener makes an appearance. Are we finally going to get an answer on that?

Back in the day, Harvey (Gabriel Macht) wasn’t exactly the lone wolf he is in the present. For one thing, his dad Gordon (guest star James McCaffrey) was still alive.

suits-306-the-other-time-usa-gabriel-macht-james-mccaffrey-harvey-dad-2.JPGBoth father and son seem to be happy playing baseball and drinking beers.

suits-306-the-other-time-usa-gabriel-macht-james-mccaffrey-harvey-dad.JPGThings may have also been closer between Harvey and Donna (Sarah Rafferty). Were they more than just lawyer and secretary at this point?

suits-306-the-other-time-usa-gabriel-macht-sarah-rafferty-harvey-donna.JPGOr maybe Donna was just there to help Harvey make an important decision in his professional life.

suits-306-the-other-time-usa-gabriel-macht-harvey.JPGWhatever the case, the can opener made an appearance. Is this the origin of that particular kitchen utensil? Had they already used it before this point? Could we possibly learn about the importance and tradition associated with opening cans on “Suits”?

Who knows? All we do know is that “The Other Time” airs Tuesday, Aug. 20 at 10pm on USA.

Posted by:Laurel Brown