In the “Suits” episode, “Unfinished Business,” Ava Hessington returns and soon faces a murder charge. Not only do Harvey and Mike have to defend her, they also have to rebuild their relationship in the face of new challenges.

Can they reclaim their roles as Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid?

Mike is non-dairy creamer

You know how Mike totally dumped Louis to go back and work with Harvey? Well, Louis is still rather furious about the whole thing. By himself, however, Louis doesn’t do too much — he just steals back oat bars and talks about how fake milk is a metaphor for Mike.

Katrina does better. When Mike won’t help her get in on the Hessington case, she retaliates with a cartoon in which Mike appears as a Harvey-loving baby. This does get Louis’ attention, although Harvey responds by informing Katrina that she’s done at the firm.

Or is she? Louis takes the bait and invites Katrina to Team Litt. Further details on mudding and origami festivals will be forthcoming.

“Louis, have you given any thought to a rebound associate?” – Harvey Specter

Ava Hessington is a bad lady

If the cold-blooded admission of bribery didn’t convince you that Ava Hessington was an unsavory person, this episode’s collection of murder charges should do it. Yes, Ms. Hessington has been accused of murder — that nasty dictator type she bribed later went and killed some protestors that had stood in the oil company’s way.

Cameron Dennis tries his best to win this one too, but all he ends up with is a $1 bail for the accused and a lot of smirking from Harvey.

As it turns out, Harvey’s smirks are justified. After Mike figures out a legal maneuver that gets the murder witnesses to become lawsuit plaintiffs (which somehow makes them ineligible to testify), the case is again dead in the water.

Harvey and Mike win! Of course, both lawyers think she’s totally guilty, so it’s not the happiest of wins.

Harriet Specter and Michelle Ross ride again!

Donna and Rachel were not doing so well in the last episode. Each woman said cutting (and true) things to the other, making forgiveness difficult.

Fortunately, the magic of the file room (Kisses! Sexy time! Louis acting human!) worked again, allowing the two to bond over jokes about a photocopier. Rachel even convinces Donna to openly forgive Mike.

Meanwhile, both women get some happiness in their man-relations. Rachel gets Mike to ask her — on bended knee, no less — to be his girlfriend. It’s all very cute. Donna’s romance is less cute but definitely sexy. Harvey’s British doppelganger, Steven Huntley, takes a quick interest in the secretary and seeks to woo her with biting sarcasm, fancy cars and super-nice tickets to “Macbeth.”

That could get interesting.

The coup cometh

Speaking of Huntley, the man is only there to help Harvey take over the law firm from Jessica. Harvey isn’t interested in the help at first, but he grudgingly goes with it after the Brit helps keep Ava as a client of the firm.

It’s hard to say how Huntley intends to help — or **if he truly intends to help — but British Harvey isn’t about to disappear.

And the coup is coming soon. Harvey, having been assured that Mike’s loyalty is now unwavering, informs the associate of the coming takeover. Mike is shocked, but he doesn’t bolt. Jessica may need to watch out.

“It’s not a celebration. You remember when I said Butch and Sundance were back? They weren’t. I mean it’s time to tell you that I made a deal with Darby to take over the firm from Jessica.” – Harvey Specter

Posted by:Laurel Brown