suits usa 'Suits' recap: It's Not the Crime, It's the Cover UpAfter finding that damning memo last week with her signature on it, Donna tries to bring herself to shred it, but circumstances (and Mike) conspire to prevent it, for now. Meanwhile, the rest of the firm goes blithely about its business, unaware that there’s a memo in Donna’s possession that Harvey is insisting he never saw.

That business includes the following: a teenage tennis star wants to be emancipated from his trainer father so he can go pro. Mike doesn’t want to break up the family, until he finds evidence that the hot-tempered dad has been abusing the kid, whereupon he pursues the case with a vengeance.

Louis’s beloved cat is sick, and he’s drafted poor Harold to take care of it despite the nerdy associate’s debilitating allergies. And Daniel Hardman has hired Diane Neal from Law & Order: Sex Police to defend the firm against Travis Tanner’s fraud allegations. Harvey, however, takes matters into his own hands, visiting the widow of the man whose character he assassinated in court four years ago to get her to drop the suit against him. She is not, to say the least, receptive. Mike realizes that his client was lying about the abuse allegations, and drops the emancipation proceedings as a result, although he still somehow scores a signed tennis ball out of the deal. Louis’s cat proves to be terminally ill, and Rachel consoles him in his grief by presenting him with Mike’s signed ball, because what else does she have to do these days other than model those short skirts?

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