“Suits” Season 3 has resumed, and major changes are obviously coming to Pearson Specter. Two of the biggest changes? Rachel (Meghan Markle) has moved in with Mike (Patrick J. Adams), while Louis Litt (Rick Hoffman) is on the trail to learn Mike’s secret.

What will come of these two storylines? Zap2it talked to Markle and Hoffman about the upcoming episodes.

For Rachel, at least, it looks to be a good series of episodes. “You get to revisit the Rachel that we saw back in Season 1. Like right before she meets Mike — she’s out of the gate, she means business, she’s not sappy,” Markle says of her law school-bound paralegal. “Rachel becomes a force in a lot of ways.”

It’s not just with school and with Mike that Rachel gains power too. She also takes on the formidable head of the law firm, Jessica (Gina Torres). “You see her coming head-to-head with Jessica Pearson — which is a first,” explains Markle. “I’ve rarely had scenes with Gina, and then at the end of the season, it was just like Gina and I, back-to-back, because Rachel would just show up at her office and walk right in. Walk right in with purpose, and many times make ultimatums.”

Life won’t be completely easy though — how could it be with school, work and a boyfriend who happens to be a secret criminal. “Now that she and Mike are starting to see a future for themselves and to lay out that groundwork, it’s starting to challenge what Rachel is willing to stand up for,” the actress points out. “I think people forget that what he’s doing is incredibly illegal.”

Meanwhile, Louis gets to be stable in his work life — he is happy as a senior partner now — but his personal life and his relationships are changing in Season 3. “All his relationships evolve in a really cool way,” says Hoffman of his character. With girlfriend Sheila (Rachael Harris), for example, “There’s a different dynamic there — not just for laughs.”

But the big question for Season 3 is whether or not Louis will learn Mike’s secret — and what the loyal, rule-following lawyer might do with that knowledge. On the one hand, “He would never ever do anything against the firm,” Hoffman insists. But then there’s the fact that Louis might see turning in Mike as the best thing for justice and for the firm itself. To explain this, Hoffman makes an analogy to “Breaking Bad”:

“In a very crude formula, the same way Hank, if his brother-in-law committed a serious crime, that’s it. There is no question. You turn him in. And Louis, in a way, if something illegal happens within the firm, in the same premise, that’s it. It’s a lose-lose.”

Will “Suits,” however, win from such conflict? New episodes will hopefully explain on Thursdays at 9 p.m. on USA.

Posted by:Laurel Brown