It’s not over yet between Louis Litt and Mike Ross on “Suits” Season 3. In the upcoming episode, “Yesterday’s Gone,” Louis brings in a Harvard professor, Dr. Gerard (played by Stephen Macht, father of “Suits” star Gabriel Macht), who can destroy Mike’s scam altogether.

Videos from the episode show just how serious an issue this is.

Tensions are obviously high in the promo for “Yesterday’s Gone.” It almost seems like a storm is descending upon Pearson Specter.

All of this is because Louis is convinced that Mike is hiding a secret regarding the younger lawyer’s past at Harvard. His own morals don’t allow him to just give up, even when Rachel comes to plead on Mike’s behalf.

Louis’ dilemma is centered on an impossible grade Mike supposedly got from Professor Gerard while in Law School. Considering the unbending nature of the man that Harvey confronts in this final video, Mike definitely needs to watch out.

It can’t help that Gerard is very obviously not a fan of Harvey Specter.

The “Yesterday’s Gone” episode of “Suits” airs Thursday, March 13 at 9 p.m. on USA.

Posted by:Laurel Brown