With “Heartburn,” “Suits” has finally shown the world what actually happens to high-powered lawyers a lot of the time: They have heart attacks, negotiate impossible deals and change position whenever necessary.

It’s just unfortunate that all of this turns out much worse for Louis Litt than it does for Mike Ross.

At least it’s an excellent closing statement?

Louis starts out his day in a great place, despite calling Sheila “Mom” in bed. But it all goes downhill from there. Norma isn’t good at stalling, someone steals Louis’ cab, and a great closing statement gets totally derailed by an inconvenient heart attack.

It’s a small heart attack though, so Louis doesn’t have to die. He just has to reassess certain aspects of his life.

For a little while, this means getting engaged to Sheila with a proposal that references the Lannisters of “Game of Thrones.” Because Louis is a Lannister, as we all know.

Unfortunately, both Louis and Sheila prove to be totally inflexible when it comes to compromise of any kind. That is not a good thing in a marriage, not that they get anywhere near that far. While Sheila does eventually agree to move to New York, forgoing her beloved Harvard in the process, Louis won’t even consider marrying a woman who doesn’t want babies.

This is a deal-breaker for many people, of course, but only on TV would such a deal be broken after one conversation. Further discussion is usually preferred. But this is television, and people don’t have time for contemplation.

Besides, Rachael Harris has another show now.

Get it in writing

Louis’ heart attack proves rather inconvenient for Rachel — and not just because she’s potentially losing her ballet buddy. The actual inconvenience comes from Louis’ old promise that the firm would cover Rachel’s law-school tuition (she negotiated that when falsely accused of leaking secrets a couple of seasons ago).

There’s just one big problem: Rachel didn’t get the agreement in writing, and Louis never bothered to tell Jessica about it.

Knowing Louis, it’s entirely possible that Rachel could get the guy to honor his arrangement somehow, but she is a good enough person to not put the recent heart-attack victim in the hot seat. What can she do though?

Rachel eventually comes up with another method to fund her law school tuition. She gets Jessica and Harvey together and comes up with a bonus/payment package that covers everything. When Jessica objects, Rachel points out that Harvey got his law school paid for too.

That does the trick.

Mike is stuck between a rock and a lucrative job offer in a challenging field

One of these days, Mike Ross really needs to sit down and think about how easy he has it in some ways. He’s a lawyer without the hassle of going to law school (or getting any degree), and his brain essentially qualifies him to do roughly any job on the planet.

But thanks to deception, Mike can’t easily realize his full lawyering potential. This is indeed a problem. In “Heartburn,” however, a solution almost magically appears. After Mike helps a dissatisfied executive avoid a dead-end job, that appreciative businessman offers his lawyer a job in high-end investment banking.

It would mean an end to being a lawyer, but Mike knows that could happen anyway. This, at least, is an easy and lucrative way out.

The future of “Suits” pretty much depends on whether or not Mike takes the leap. That should be very interesting to see in upcoming episodes.

Posted by:Laurel Brown