suits-know-when-to-fold-em-patrick-j-adams-mike-usa.JPGIt’s a good thing that Mike has Harvey around to teach him about gambling on “Suits” — the kid truly doesn’t “Know When to Fold ‘Em.” If he did, this episode would have been the last one in Mike Ross’ stellar-but-fraudulent law career.

As it is, Mike and everyone around him is now heading for the spectacular crash that is the Season 3 finale.

Gamblers never know when to stop

Harvey Specter sees himself as the ultimate gambler. He lives on the edge, taking the chances that no one else will touch because he knows that he makes his own luck. So far, Harvey has always been right about this, but that success makes him blind to one dangerous truth:

When Harvey loses, he might lose everything.

This almost happens when Harvey goes up against James Kwelling, a fairly desperate lawyer looking to stir up trouble for profit. He wants a settlement against a Pearson Specter client, and Kwelling plans to turn Harvey and Mike into the state bar if his demands are not met.

Talk about calling Harvey’s bluff: No one can ever mention Mike Ross’ name to the New York State Bar. Everything falls apart if that happens.

Fortunately, Mike is basically Harvey’s way of beating the house when gambling. At the last second, Mike figures out that Kwelling has also been cheating — taking money from a competitor to sink the Pearson Specter client — and talks him out of this fight.

The final bluff pays off, and the secret remains safe … But for how much longer?

Too bad you can’t have a show about lawyers and investment bankers

The case is important, but it’s not the emotional center of this episode. Mike’s job offer to become an investment banker is. Everyone knows Mike should take the job. It’s the smart choice. It’s the safe choice. It’s the choice that could mean the difference between high-flying success and endless fear.

Unfortunately, it’s not the choice that Mike wants to make.

Harvey got it right a couple of seasons ago when he talked about wanting to live life in a different place from most people. He needs to walk on that fine line between owning the world and having it all come crashing down on his head. Mike is the same way.

It’s what makes them great, and it’s exactly what could destroy them. Poetry doesn’t get any better than this.

Meanwhile, Harvey still sucks at relationships

But at least “Know When to Fold ‘Em” makes it clear that Scottie isn’t too great at the whole being-in-a-relationship thing either. Officially, Harvey and Scottie are reconciled and doing fine throughout most of the episode. In reality, however, the tension is boiling over. Scottie is just too smart to miss that Harvey is keeping things from her, and Harvey doesn’t have it in him to trust easily.

That might be a good thing, assuming Donna is right (and Donna is always right) about Scottie always being angry at Harvey. That kind of anger will find a reason to betray him, so the woman can never know the truth.

And if Scottie can never know the truth, love is pretty much doomed.

In other failed relationship news

Louis is still broken up with Sheila, but it’s not like he’s over it. On the contrary, this is Louis Litt as we’ve never seen him before — broken, unshaven and refusing to work. It’s a little bit terrifying, truth be told.

That’s probably why Katrina and Rachel risk their very careers to cover for Louis when Jessica has a request. One of the firm’s old, ousted name partners — of whom there may be an endless supply — is back and wants to audit the firm’s books. Jessica needs a reason to keep this guy out, and Louis is the one to do it.

But Louis isn’t around, so Katrina and Rachel find a strategy instead. It’s just too bad that they are not (as they call each other) Louis. Old Partner VanDyke still has a way in, and he’s going to take Jessica to court in order to get it.

This is when Jessica goes all out and confronts Louis at home. By comparing this attack on the firm to infidelity, Louis is roused to save the day by declaring Pearson Specter to be an LLC. Apparently this will do the trick.

With a little bit of beautiful character-revealing stalling on Jessica’s part, Louis provides the paperwork that saves the firm yet again.

This story may not have a happy ending

Mike is staying! The firm is safe! Harvey still wins everything! Yay?

Nope. Mike has gone back to Lola the Hacker in order to get his name entered into the state bar. And it looks like, from previews for the Season 3 finale, that this might be one step too far.

We might want to get ready to see “Suits” burn. It should be spectacular.

Posted by:Laurel Brown