“Suits” is back!

The midseason premiere of the legal drama is as good as ever in “Buried Secrets,” with witty dialogue, legal maneuvering and dangerous secrets. Will Louis find out Mike’s secret? Can either Mike’s or Harvey’s relationships survive? Is Michael Phelps going to stick with Pearson Specter?

Harvey is better at manipulation than romance

Not that Harvey practices much law in “Buried Secrets.” He is far too busy having sex with Scottie and trying to negotiate/manipulate her contract. With the British merger dead, Scottie needs a job. And Harvey wants a girlfriend.

The two might go together, but Jessica is wary of Harvey actually sticking with one woman. She agrees to hire Scottie as a partner — on the condition that she buy-in to the firm immediately instead of six months later.

Harvey works multiple angles to have this requirement lifted — he even gets Scottie to land Michael Phelps as a client — but Jessica doesn’t budge.

His final move proves to be a major misstep with Scottie. Harvey fronts the $500,000 buy-in for Scottie, essentially owning her for six months. You can imagine how well this goes over with the smart, independent lawyer. Fortunately, Harvey’s desire for a relationship is believable and the new couple reconciles over stories of how they screwed each other in the past.

Mike comes to terms with his own past

Mike has a case going into the new episodes. This one, like so many of Mike’s cases, is personal. Rinaldi — the lawyer who screwed over Mike when his parents were killed by a drunk driver — is now representing a widow whose husband died due to a failure of a heart stent. Pearson Specter represents the stent company.

The original idea had been to settle, but Mike decides he wants to destroy Rinaldi instead. He does so handily at the first hearing, making it clear that he’s playing hardball and plans to win. Then Rinaldi throws Mike off his game: Mike learns that his own father had had a couple of drinks on the night he died. There never was a case against the drunk driver that killed them.

At least Mike has Rachel waiting for him with candles and encouragement in the home they are soon to share. She’s going to go to Columbia Law School and live with Mike while still working at the firm. Will it work out? Hard to say — but at least Mike still has his panda painting if everything falls apart.

Louis chases Mike, catches Sheila

The main danger in these new episodes is Louis’ realization that something is up with Mike’s credentials. When we last saw him, Louis had been snooping in the Harvard files and realized that Mike’s was missing.

Because Louis is highly intelligent, he soon realizes that Mike maybe didn’t go to Harvard. Maybe he went to a lesser school? Not even Louis can guess at the real truth here.

It’s fortunate that Louis turns to Donna when confused, so she can deflect Louis away from the reality. But even a transcript doesn’t put Lawyer Litt completely off the case — when he realizes that Mike got an A+ in a class where no one ever gets higher than an A, Louis’ suspicions are raised again.

His only distraction is the continued relationship with Sheila Szaz. They are in love now, and Louis’ cheek and heart are both stinging as a result.

Posted by:Laurel Brown