Fighting may have been inevitable, considering the focus of “Suits” Season 4. But “Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner” takes it to a whole new level with conflict breaking out between Mike and Harvey, Mike and Rachel, Mike and Logan, Jessica and Jeff and Louis and Jeff.

It’s all very entertaining — especially since the winners and losers remain ambiguous as the big competition between Harvey and Mike simply increases in intensity.

Mike Ross vs. Harvey Specter

This is the umbrella fight under which all other conflicts in “Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner” remain. Mike and Harvey are at odds currently and possibly permanently, and the fate of Walter Gillis’ company is at stake.

Mike seems to win the first round — he gets an injunction to stop Logan Spencer’s immediate bid to take over Gillis’ company, based on the fact that Harvey violated privilege. Of course, Harvey isn’t going to take something like that lying down. He first gets Logan to agree to a payout to Mike — $30 million to just walk away from everything.

But that would require Mike to a) violate his morals by putting Gillis’ people out of work and b) lose to Logan, the guy who used to have sex with Rachel. Mike rejects the offer.

That’s when Harvey gets sneaky. While he and Logan can’t buy up the company, they do have lots of money and use it to convince Gillis’ union leader to turn. Without the workers, Mike and Gillis can’t win.

And Mike can’t just take the earlier offer and run either. He tries to — Mike practically begs Harvey to keep the payout on the table. But Harvey isn’t a man who condones or even accepts failure. Mike may be on the losing side and Harvey may be on the winning side, but the latter won’t let his protege just go with defeat as an option. Mike has to win, even if it means beating Harvey.

It takes a heart-to-heart with Gillis, a confrontation with Jonathan Sidwell and a ridiculous amount of cash to get the workers back. Mike, however, is good at all of these things and wins another round.

The young’un may indeed be the guy who beats Mike Tyson in this metaphorical fight — although Harvey is not going to stay down for the count.

Mike Ross vs. Rachel Zane

Obviously, there was always going to be some strife between these co-habitating lovers who happen to be on opposite sides of a vast merger war. It doesn’t help that Rachel still fills way awkward about her years-ago affair with Logan.

Logan is cool with it. Harvey couldn’t care less. But Rachel is uncomfortable, and Mike is jealous. Thus, there’s tension.

But these two crazy kids are still totally in love with each other and manage to move past the fighting and the yelling and the not-so-subtle implications of a love-rekindling between Rachel and Logan.

For now.

Mike Ross vs. Logan Spencer

The two men may protest that all of the fighting is about money and control of Gillis’ company, but it’s totally about their penises now.

Jessica Pearson vs. Jeff Malone

Speaking of male sexuality and its difficulties when confronted with the workplace, Jeff Malone is now a senior partner at Pearson Specter. That means that Jessica has ended things between herself and her new hire, but Jeff doesn’t exactly agree.

He still wants to have the sex with Jessica. Let the tension reign supreme!

Louis Litt vs. Jeff Malone

If “Suits” Season 4 fails on every other level, fans can at least enjoy the amazing team of Louis Litt and Jeff Malone. They’re spectacular.

It doesn’t seem that way at first, especially not for Louis. Having learned that Jeff will be a senior partner and the guy who essentially does all of the same things as Louis, the perennially underappreciated Louis imagines insults from Jessica’s lips and then walks back to his office, shoulders slumped.

There should have been a Charlie Brown-style raincloud over Louis’ head on this walk. It would have been appropriate.

Sadness and competition aside, Louis and Jeff are forced to work together on a case of insider trading. Their incredibly tough tactics (both jail and heart attacks are threatened) quickly yield the truth that their man made his money due to a lotion-caused slip of the finger and not broken laws. It’s an impressive sight.

Not that Louis is happy. He and Jeff scream in each others’ faces and make strange claims for their dietary needs and urination locations and generally hate each other.

Only the interference of the all-knowing Donna can save the day. She first talks Louis down off the rage cliff by talking about auditioning for “Hamlet” in college. Then Donna goes to Jessica and secures for Louis a corner office, thereby making the fellow actually feel appreciation for once.

The Litt-Malone detente isn’t likely to last, but there is an uneasy peace for the moment at least.

“Suits” airs Wednesdays at 9 p.m. ET/PT on USA.

Posted by:Laurel Brown