“Suits” Season 4 has a simple and terrifying message: When lawyers fight, the results can be deadly. That has become even clearer with episode 3, “Two in the Knee.” With Harvey and Mike both working hard to assure the destruction of the other, can anything of this relationship survive?

Let’s look at the evidence.

Harvey almost destroyed Mike’s life

Harvey can destroy Mike in “Two in the Knees.”

He knows just how to do it. Harvey doesn’t need to put any effort into destroying Mike — he can just stand back and let Logan Sanders do it. The lawyer even participates, to an extent, in the attempted destruction of his former associate.

What does this mean? As is always the case on “Suits,” it comes back to the fact that Mike Ross isn’t really a qualified lawyer. Any thorough look into the young man’s background will make that clear, thereby leading the way to disgrace and possibly even imprisonment.

Even though this could also destroy Harvey in the process, he doesn’t exactly stop the efforts immediately. Harvey does decide that this is a bad route to take, opting instead to inform Walter Gillis that Mike has a history with drugs.

Harvey being Harvey, he feels totally justified in all of this. He even tells Mike to be grateful for the metaphorical bullets to the knees. It’s too bad that a man as smart as Harvey Specter doesn’t realized that the injured man is never going to thank his shooter for not killing him instead. Mike still hurts. And then Harvey rubs salt in the wounds by declaring Mike to be nothing if not for his mentor.

Not many relationships could survive attacks like this.

Mike hit Harvey in the two places that it hurts

It’s really, really hard to get under the skin of Harvey Specter. The man is impervious to most insults and relishes any efforts to taken him down. When it comes down to it, Harvey may have only two real weaknesses: his feelings about his family and his all-consuming desire to win.

Mike knows about these chinks in Harvey’s formidable armor. And he exploits them both in “Two in the Knees.”

First of all, Mike publicly sabotages Harvey’s attempt to defund Walter Gillis through the banks. This is a tricky move on Mike’s part and one that only he can make, having only recently been party to such manipulation. It’s Harvey’s best and strongest play to win the legal fight, and Mike knows just how to beat it.

Later on, Mike strikes an even harsher blow by snatching Harvey’s dad’s demos away. Harvey’s childhood and family are touchy subjects at best, and his father’s music is one of the few good things that the lawyer holds dear. Coming in between Harvey and that one true emotion is a move both cold and brilliant.

But you can’t keep a good lawyer down

Despite all of these moves from both Harvey and Mike, the two men end the episode having returned (somewhat) to the status quo. Mike has partially salvaged his deal with Gillis (even if they guy won’t speak to him), and Rachel has managed to call off Logan’s attack. Harvey, meanwhile, has his father’s demos. He also isn’t caught in the impossible position of needing to destroy Mike.

Sure, the guys aren’t speaking. But the possibility for future reconciliation is there. It will be a tough road to reach the old relationship, but Mike and Harvey have incredible skills. Add in the connection that both deny — but that everyone else sees — and this duo will make it.

The war that must occur in the meantime, however, is going to be epic.

“Suits” airs Wednesdays at 9 p.m. ET/PT on USA.

Posted by:Laurel Brown