“Suits” Season 4 will return to USA in the summer of 2014, but show creator and executive producer Aaron Korsh couldn’t wait that long to share spoilers. Late on Monday (April 21) evening, Korsh posted a whole series of Season 4 teases to his Twitter account.

From Mike and Rachel’s relationship to Donna’s brilliance to the continuing danger from the outside, here are some of the best spoilers.

The whole thing got started with a tweet from Korsh.

For roughly an hour following that, the “Suits” producer answered fan questions about what’s to come.

  • “Mike will sport his first three piece suit in 401.”
  • On the Season 3 character of Scottie returning: “I’d like her to but not worked in as of yet.”
  • Things may be a little more positive for the return of the love of Louis’ life, Sheila. Rachael Harris’ appearance is “Somewhat dependent on her network show [‘Surviving Jack’], the fate of which is yet to be decided.”
  • Another possible return might not be so welcome: Daniel Hardman. “Trying to get him back, not sure yet.”
  • Rachel will have started law school at Columbia by Season 4, but she won’t be gone. “She’ll be attending law school as she works at the firm.”
  • Unfortunately, things may still be tough between Rachel and Mike. “We throw some s*** in the path,” Korsh said of that romance.
  • Is Woodall, the U.S. Attorney, done chasing Harvey? “I doubt it …”
  • There probably will not be any flashbacks to the period between the end of Season 3 and the beginning of Season 4.
  • As for Donna: “Donna remains awesome & is the only person that sees what’s coming in S4 b4 it gets there but can she stop it?”

Korsh ended his spoiler binge with a — hopefully — fake spoiler to scare fans:

Posted by:Laurel Brown