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“Suits” Season 4 ended its summer run with a bang. That’s what happens when Louis Litt finds out the truth about Mike Ross and his charade at Pearson Specter.

Actually, make that Pearson Specter Litt.

You read that right — Louis has finally put it all together and figured out exactly what has been going on with Mike since the beginning. With that knowledge and a little bit of blackmail, Louis gets everything he ever wanted. But what is the price for wishes coming true? “Suits” may spend the entire back-half of Season 4 answering that question.

How does it all go down? Well, for one thing, it goes down with a command performance by actor Rick Hoffman. Swinging from mild depression to hopefulness to a crushed spirit to barely controlled, animal-like anger, Hoffman takes Litt through every emotion one would expect from a man whose entire life has been destroyed. It’s a brilliant performance from the actor.

The performance is especially powerful because it’s not just the destruction of Louis’ life that is the problem. While that is bad enough, the true damage done to Louis Litt is a little different: He is the only one who has to pay for bad behavior. This unfairness and true cruelty are responsible for Louis’ absolute rage at the end of the episode.

Think about it: Louis has been ridiculed, rejected and fired for a mistake that he did everything to rectify. Then he learns that Harvey Specter has gone and broken the law on a whim. Mike, meanwhile, is gleefully impersonating a lawyer and flitting from high-powered job to high-powered job. Jessica Pearson presides over all of this with an air of absolute authority and a rigid lack of emotions.

They’re all in the wrong, but only Louis has to pay. Louis deserves his fate, but he isn’t the only one. The only difference is that Louis is punished and destroyed for his failures. The others prosper.

In some ways, it’s a victory for those of us in this world who are not charismatic individuals with a Midas touch. Most of us don’t get to skate through life, bending and breaking the rules, never facing the consequences. Like Louis Litt, the average person lives by rules and dies by slip-ups.

Usually, however, the opportunity to throw it all back at the lucky ones doesn’t present itself. In doing so at the end of “This Is Rome,” Louis scores a bitter victory for the masses.

Yes, it will almost definitely hurt Louis in the long run — he isn’t the hero of “Suits,” after all. His friends, co-workers and support network are certain to seek retribution. Sheila is still a romantic dream. Louis has never been more alone.

But let’s take this opportunity to bask in the moment when the disliked, awkward man beats the golden ones at their own game.

“Suits” has indeed gone out with a bang in this finale, a bang all the more important because it comes from someone who usually gets no more than a whimper.

Posted by:Laurel Brown