If you paid close attention to the trailer for “Super 8” — like, really close attention — you may have noticed a web address printed on a single frame: s8editingroom.com.

That took you to a site that over the past few months has been offering small snippets of grainy black-and-white video presumably pertaining to whatever it is that breaks out of a train and terrorizes a small Ohio town. That video is now complete, and it gives you the first glimpse of the monster — albeit only a small piece.

It might also give you flashbacks to the heyday of “Lost.” The “Editing Room” video feels very much of a piece with all the Dharma Initiative material that invaded the Internet between the first two seasons of the series. So even if J.J. Abrams is borrowing from himself a little bit, it’s still fun stuff. (Also? We noticed the number 42 in several places in the video above. Just saying.)

And is it just us, or does the unfortunate technician on feeding duty look an awful lot like a younger version of Glynn Turman, who’s in “Super 8”? Watch the video and let us know what you think.

Posted by:Rick Porter