super 8 'Super 8' teaser pops up in 'Portal 2'Thousands upon thousands of gamers have disappeared into the world of “Portal 2” in the past couple days, and in doing so they may have transported themselves to a small town in Ohio in the late ’70s.

An interactive teaser for J.J. Abrams‘ movie “Super 8” is included as an extra in the game, and it lets users spend a couple of minutes inside the world of the movie. The teaser first puts you inside a car of the train that’s about to crash in the movie’s trailer and lets you poke around and zoom in on a few things (a folded-up newspaper, a map on the wall and a couple other items).

Once the train derails, you have some limited opportunity to wander around the crash site before ending up in front of the car containing the alien/monster/whatever it is that’s about to escape and drive “Super 8’s” story. Some gaming sites have expressed frustration that a player’s movements are limited within the teaser, but this still feels like a step up from just including a trailer you’ve already seen in the game’s package.

“Super 8,” written and directed by Abrams ans produced by Steven Spielberg, opens in theaters on June 10. Here’s a look at the “Portal 2” teaser.

Posted by:Rick Porter