super bowl 2013 beyonce half time show gi Super Bowl 2013: Beyonce rocks the halftime show with fire, sexiness and Destiny's Child

Well, you can’t say that wasn’t spectacular. When Beyonce Knowles took to the stage during the Super Bowl XLVII halftime show, the place exploded. Literally. There were flames everywhere. The audience also got to witness showmanship in all its Beyonce-filled glory.

After the Pepsi-sponsored fan countdown — basically just a bunch of photos of young people — darkness overtook the field. Hundreds of excited youths came running out of that darkness, soon to be overtaken by flames and explosions. We will just hope the fire and humanity were not in the same place.

And then… Beyonce. The singer appeared, perfectly posed, in front of a giant lite-bright version of herself. Multi-colored fog rolled in. Backup dancers gyrated. Beyonce hurled part of her already-scanty costume out to some lucky member of the audience.

Like I said, spectacular.

The first part of the program featured Beyonce going solo (except for the animated clones). She performed “Crazy in Love,” “End of Time” and “Baby Boy.”

Then there were more explosions. These lesser conflagrations brought the rest of Destiny’s Child — Kelly Rowland and Michelle Williams — to the stage. “Bootylicious” and “Independent Women” followed. Even though Rowland and Williams’ microphones seemed to be at a lower volume than their former groupmate’s and even though the third song was Beyonce’s solo hit, “Single Ladies,” everyone seemed happy.

We also got a section of the “Single Ladies” dance reminiscent of the I-want-to-dance-to-death dance from the “Buffy the Vampire Slayer” musical episode. Was that always a part of the choreography?

(Check out Buffy’s dance at 3:15)

Left alone once again, Beyonce finished up with “Halo.”

And that was that. There wasn’t much controversy, but there were many lights. We only have one lingering question: Was the light design on the stage two faces or a vase?

super bowl 2013 beyonce half time show stage gi Super Bowl 2013: Beyonce rocks the halftime show with fire, sexiness and Destiny's Child

Posted by:Laurel Brown