richard sherman erin andrews fox post game interview Super Bowl 2014: Erin Andrews 'fine' with her Richard Sherman rematch“It was fine. It was absolutely fine.”

So said a smiling Erin Andrews to her colleagues as she introduced her pre-recorded interview with Seattle Seahawks cornerback Richard Sherman — who gave her quite a memorable moment after the NFC championship game, ranting past her into the camera at San Francisco 49ers wide receiver Michael Crabtree — during Sunday’s (Feb. 2) FOX pre-game show leading up to Super Bowl XLVIII.

“A lot of it was celebrating with my teammates and my family,” a subdued Sherman told Andrews about his 48 hours following his unbridled outburst seen around the world (and the World Wide Web).

He noted the “little bit of controversy” that greeted him after the his now-famous outburst. When Andrews asked if there was anything he would take back, Sherman said, “Just the way I attacked (Crabtree). That was uncalled for.” He chalked it up to “my energy, my passion” for doing “something you’ve dreamed about since you were a little kid.”

Andrews also spoke with several of Sherman’s Seahawks comrades, who were unreservedly supportive of him. He described himself to her as “someone who plays for my teammates. That’s why we’re a legion (a ‘Legion of Boom,’ in the team’s terminology). We’re a vast army.”

Sherman went on to term himself “a family-first, caring person. I try to help as many people as I can.” And he voiced gratitude to those he said had helped him the past two weeks.

“I’m appreciative of the tremendous support” of his fans, he stated, but added he was “sad” about those who criticized him because “their minds were so closed off. They were so quick to judge, as if I’d made some egregious error or mistake.”

Sports legends Hank Aaron and Kobe Bryant weren’t among the latter, since Andrews’ fellow FOX sportscasters closed the segment by noting Sherman had received calls from them after the incident that gave him “household name” status beyond the game.
Posted by:Jay Bobbin