patrick stewart seahawks wil wheaton star trek super bowl twitter Super Bowl 2014: Patrick Stewart and Wil Wheaton win the Twitter game

The 2014 Super Bowl may have gone to the Seattle Seahawks, but the Twitter game was won by former “Star Trek: The Next Generation” co-stars Sir Patrick Stewart and Wil Wheaton. The two actors cheerfully engaged in a  “Star Trek” and “Super Bowl” themed conversation during the football game.

Stewart started the whole thing with an amusing photo of himself doing a one-armed pushup while wearing a Seahawks jersey.

When Wheaton saw the picture, he got really excited.

Stewart was happy to agree with his leadership position over the former Ensign Wesley Crusher.

Still, Wheaton was OK with this and reminded fans of the oft-complicated relationship between young Wesley and Captain Jean-Luc Picard.

But oh, the Captain had demands!

The Ensign was happy to oblige.

Wheaton was even ready to offer Picard’s drink of choice.

The actor, however, had other ideas.

The only response to this was obviously nerd talk.

Stewart just sort of went with it at that point.

Posted by:Laurel Brown