super bowl 2018 Super Bowl 2018: Three cities vie to host football's biggest gameThree cities remain in the hunt for the location of Super Bowl 2018. On May 20, the victorious city will be announced.

On May 7, Minneapolis, Indianapolis and New Orleans submitted their pitches for why they should host Super Bowl LII. Each of the city organizers had 15 minutes to argue their case.
Minneapolis says it will have its new stadium built by 2018, while New Orleans argues it has tied Miami for hosting the most Super Bowls and thus would be a good place for the NFL to host its tricentennial celebration. 
Indianapolis, on the other hand, argues it has had the fewest issues at a Super Bowl and also will have more hotels built near the stadium by the time the Super Bowl will take place.
The location for Super Bowl LII will be revealed on May 20.
Posted by:Terri Schwartz