rebel wilson super fun night abc 325 'Super Fun Night's' Rebel Wilson: 'I don't care what I look like'Rebel Wilson’s dress bursts open, revealing a pink bra and panties, which naturally have light-up hearts strategically placed. Underneath, she wears Spanx.

The overall effect is silly and funny, and only someone wildly unself-conscious could pull it off.
Wilson, star and writer of ABC’s “Super Fun Night,” premiering Wednesday, Oct. 2, reflects on that scene.

“To me, it’s not brave,” she says to Zap2it. “I am just doing what the character would do. It was freezing that night. It was damp and beastly cold. I don’t care what I look like if it is funny.”

She draws from her life for this show, in which she plays Kimmie, an attorney just promoted within a large New York law firm. In 2009, Wilson graduated from law school. She worked briefly “giving free legal advice at a clinic,” she says, “but I could not get a job at a law firm because I was on a TV show.”

In her native Australia, Wilson was on many TV shows before starring in “Pitch Perfect.”

“It is kind of based on the idea of myself — if I worked in a law firm and was an American,” Wilson says.

She tries for an American accent as Kimmie, who is smart, socially awkward and desperate to date. Her younger sister was just engaged, and the show opens with Kimmie sending a video message to a man she fancies as her boyfriend. However, she hasn’t heard from him in a year, and he’s engaged.

“I wasn’t stalking you or anything,” Kimmie says into her laptop. “I was just looking at some of your Facebook photos — for two hours, and I printed some out.”

Kimmie has two best friends. Helen-Alice (Liza Lapira, “Don’t Trust the B—- in Apartment 23”) is terrified of everything. She is an actuary, Wilson’s dream career when she was a child because she’s good at math. Marika (Lauren Ash, “Scare Tactics”) is a tennis coach and closeted lesbian who speaks in sports metaphors. They spend every Friday night together.

The three women always stay in. In fact, the last time they went out was prom night, and the flashback to that is terrific. Friday night is their fun night.

Wilson and her sister Liberty used to have fun nights. Liberty worked in a candy factory and would bring home the “cut offs,” which the sisters would eat while watching movies. Incidentally, Wilson has had the same best friends since she was 13.

In the pilot, after being promoted and moving to a new floor, Kimmie meets Richard Royce (Kevin Bishop), a fellow lawyer at the firm. He’s cute, British and attracted to Kimmie. He invites her to a party at a club. She persuades her friends to go with her, and they will have a “super fun night.”

The bouncer, however, won’t admit Kimmie and her friends. He calls them “eye broccoli,” which Wilson explains is the opposite of eye candy.

Eventually, Richard exits just when Kimmie experiences a wardrobe malfunction — though some could argue her outfit itself was a wardrobe malfunction — and she’s exposed in her light-up undergarments.

Wilson balances making fun of and standing up for herself, executive producer Conan O’Brien explains at a press conference. He likens her comedic abilities to Lucille Ball and Tina Fey.

“You sometimes cringe when you see her going through something embarrassing, but she’s so winning and she’s so likable, and you root for her so much that you’re in this with her,” O’Brien says. “And when she survives and when she actually achieves her goal, it’s exciting.”

Posted by:Jacqueline Cutler