super tuesday getty Super Tuesday: Mitt Romney, Rick Santorum split; Newt Gingrich wins home stateThe 2012 Republican primary picture doesn’t look to be clearing up much after Super Tuesday, the night in which 10 states held primaries or caucuses. The states making up Super Tuesday this year are (with the number of delegates in parenthesis): Georgia (76), Idaho (32), Massachusetts (41), North Dakota (28), Ohio
(66), Oklahoma (43), Tennessee (58), Vermont (17), Virginia (49) and Wyoming (29).

As of 11:30 ET on March 6, Mitt Romney has taken Massachusetts, Vermont and Virginia; Rick Santorum has taken North Dakota, Oklahoma, Tennessee; and Newt Gingrich has won his home state of Georgia. It should be noted that in Virginia, neither Santorum nor Gingrich were on the ballot, as they failed to meet the state’s nomination deadline. Ron Paul earned 40% of the vote in Virginia to Romney’s 59.5%.

Idaho and Wyoming only have 43% and 22% of their precincts reporting, respectively, but both are leaning heavily towards Romney at the moment.

Interestingly, in the key battleground state of Ohio Romney leads Santorum by only four-tenths of a percentage point with 91% of the precincts reporting. Outside of Georgia, which neither of them were going to win anyway because of Gingrich, Ohio has the most delegates up for grabs.

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