superman wonder woman kiss dc Superman and Wonder Woman kiss in new Justice League comic, retire their profilesNew couple alert: Superman and Wonder Woman are totally hooking up.

Their simmering relationship has been the subject of much speculation over the past few months, and it becomes official when Justice League #12 hits comic-book stores on Wednesday (Aug. 29). The issue’s cover depicts the two iconic DC heroes in an embrace, their lips nearly touching. Inside, they reveal it’s not a tease: That looks like one pretty passionate kiss.

The new issue also features a big battle between the Justice League and David Graves, who had kidnapped Wonder Woman’s ex, Steve Trevor, and tortured him as a way to discover the League’s weaknesses. Justice League artist and DC co-publisher Jim Lee says the heroes will be “exposed for who they are, and they’re very much like you or me.”

“The idea,” writer Geoff Johns tells USA Today, “is that we have the freedom right now to explore what a relationship between Superman and Wonder Woman would really look like and how that would form and why. How do they affect one another? They’re similar in many ways, but they’re very, very different in a lot of ways, and they both have different viewpoints and different upbringings and different M.O.s, so to see those two come together is going to be some great storytelling.”

Johns says the kiss won’t be a one-time stunt; Superman and Wonder Woman are in it for the long haul. To drive home the point, DC and created fake “retired” dating profiles for the two characters, who, it turns out, were looking for very, very specific things in a partner.

How the rest of the Justice League (and the world) reacts to their coupling remains to be seen. What do you think of the development? 

Posted by:Rick Porter