spn sam dean truth 'Supernatural': 15 Questions we'd ask if we were guaranteed an honest answerOn tonight’s Oct. 29 episode of “Supernatural,” called “You Can’t Handle the Truth,” the Goddess of Truth curses people with the ability to hear only the truth. Brutal honesty from their acquaintances drives people to suicide, but Dean (Jensen Ackles) uses the curse to try to get some answers from his brother, Sam (Jared Padalecki).

Dean isn’t the only one with a laundry list of questions. In sticking with the brutal honesty theme, we came up with a list of questions we’d ask show runner Sera Gamble if we could dose her with truth serum. (Don’t worry, Sera… we haven’t actually figured out how to get our hands on any, yet, so you don’t need to worry about being accosted. Yes.)

1. What happened to Sam in hell?
Padalecki told Zap2it when we visited the “Supernatural” set that Sam’s tour of duty was worse than Dean’s was… and Dean spent thirty years being sliced and diced, and another ten years doing the carving. Could Sam’s trauma be the reason behind his very unSamlike behavior this season? And speaking of which…

2. Is Sam actually Sam?
In “You Can’t Handle the Truth,” Castiel will assure Dean that Sam’s body isn’t still possessed by Lucifer. Still, it appears that there’s a light on, but Sam Winchester isn’t home.

3. What do angels do with the souls they’re collecting?
Balthazar said that souls are valuable to both angels and demons. We know that when a demon buys a soul, the soul goes to hell, where it’s tortured until it becomes a demon. But what does an angel do with a soul that’s bought and paid for? And is there a connection between the sudden run on souls for clearance prices and Sam’s not-Sam-ness?

4. What is Samuel’s (Mitch Pileggi) master plan?
Instead of killing monsters, Samuel is collecting them like lab specimens. Is he using them for research purposes? Building his own little monster army? What is his agenda and why does he feel the need to keep it from Sam, especially now that Sam has put hunting at #1 on his priority list, bumping Dean out of the top spot.

5. With Crowley (Mark Sheppard) in charge of Hell and Castiel (Misha Collins) taking over as big man on cloud nine in Heaven, will we get to see a showdown between the two?
With Crowley’s wicked sense of humor and Castiel’s hilarious lack thereof, throwing these two into a Celebrity Deathmatch wold be 100% epic.

6. Will Lisa forgive Dean for his under-the-influence of vampire blood bad behavior? He scared the crap out of Ben, which might be an unforgivable offense… but then again, Lisa knew what she was getting into when she invited Dean to stay, and his harsh actions were borne out of fear for Ben’s safety. We hope we haven’t seen the last of her — she’s become one of our all-time favorite characters on this show.

7. Hookers? Really?
Sam may be the definition of creepsterville right now, but he still looks like Jared Padalecki. Surely there’s somebody out there willing to hook up with him for free… and even if there isn’t, Sam has had years of celibacy before. Why is he looking to get laid now that he’s more or less an emotionless robot?

8. What are the alpha monsters up to?
The djinns, shapeshifters, and vampires have all been working for a boss this season. Is there an alpha for each species of monster, or one master to rule them all? What are they gearing up for, and why have all the patterns suddenly been broken? Sam, Dean, and the Impala prevented the apocalypse… so why are we getting the impression that there’s another one waiting in the wings?

9. Why didn’t Dean confront Sam about the vampire issue right away?
Sam essentially watched Dean die while smiling knowingly to himself. It creeped us out to see Dean just jump into the car with him after that. We know Dean loves his brother, but if we were Dean, we’d seriously be considering fratricide.

10. Where is the Samulet?
Call us stubborn, but we just refuse to believe that the necklace Sam gave Dean is gone forever.

11. What’s up with Chuck? In last season’s heartwrenching finale, it was revealed that the prophet Chuck is capable of more than just putting purple prose to paper. Is he, in fact, God? And if he is, why is he giving Sam and Dean such a hard time of it? If he’s not God, is he an angel? It’s time to revisit our favorite bad writer.

12. Is John Winchester in Heaven, and does he have a horse in the race? If there’s a war to be fought, and John is around, we have a hard time believing that he’s not on the front lines. We know Jeffrey Dean Morgan is off being a big movie star, but with everything going on in Heaven right now, Papa W. deserves a mention at the very least, right?

13. Did we forget about Adam? While we’re on the subject of people who need to be mentioned, Sam and Dean haven’t addressed the fact that while Sam is topside, their illegitimate half-brother Adam is still missing in action. Were Sam and Adam together in hell? Was Adam’s lack of Campbell blood the reason he didn’t wake up on earth? Is there any plan to try to get him out of the cage?

14. What have the Ghostfacers been up to?
We loved the web series, but we miss seeing Ed and Harry interacting with Sam and Dean. We think a tangle with the Ghostfacers is just what Dean needs to remind himself that his life could definitely be worse.

15. How long is Sam going to be a shell of his former self? Okay, we know that every story takes some time to play itself out, but we’d like to know just how long we’re going to have to be missing Sam. If he’s not going to act like Sam before the end of the season, we’ll need to prepare ourselves. Start wearing black. Organize a candlelight vigil. Start a letter-writing campaign. Etc.Etc. Etc.

“Supernatural” fans — what would you ask the writers or cast members if you were guaranteed to get an honest answer? Could you handle the truth? Weigh in below and we may publish some of the best questions in a future article.

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