supernatural panel comic con 2012 'Supernatural' at Comic Con 2012 teases Season 8: New relationships will test the brothers' bondThe “Supernatural” panel at Comic-Con on Sunday took over Hall H, with cast members Jared Padalecki, Jensen Ackles, Misha Collins, Jim Beaver, and Mark A. Sheppard joining showrunner Jeremy Carver, and consulting producer Ben Edlund all on hand to talk Season 8.

Of course, the first order of business is getting Dean out of Purgatory. “Much like the hell situation, obviously Dean can’t stick down there forever,” Ackles says. “He gets out. How he gets out is too much of a teaser.”

“Dean’s plight is a terrible one,” laughs Ben Edlund. “I don’t know if you’re aware, he’s in Purgatory… We kind of think he’s going to come back on the show and that’s not a huge surprise… his return from Purgatory is going to happen quite quickly.” The show will track the story of Purgatory over the course of the season as we learn what happened there — and what came out.

In between all the hellishness, we know Sam will have a significant love interest this year. “Sam is totally getting some action this season,” Padalecki says. “It’s been a little bit and Jeremy told me a few years ago, ‘Listen man, I really love seeing you with your shirt off.'”

Will Dean get any love? “I think the only real romance in Dean’s life is the car,” Ackles says. “So in that regard, absolutely.”

The brothers’ bond will certainly be tested this year. “In all seriousness, we’re going to see that when they were separated at the end of last season it had a profound affect on each of them,” Carver explains. “Each has gone a very separate way and they will each carry with them what happened in their summer away from each other. Well, it’s more than a summer. The relationships that they’ve made in the time away from each other will be very important in their lives. They’re going to have to come to terms, like any partnership, with dealing with new relationships in each others’ lives.”

Speaking of other people in their lives, Castiel disappeared at the end of last season, leaving Dean alone in Purgatory. “He went out for a beer, and he’ll be back shortly,” Collins teases, refusing to give away too many details. “We’re going to explore what happened in Purgatory in flashbacks.

Beaver’s presence on the panel may have been surprising, given that his character is dead and his ghost has been banished. “You can read anything you want into it,” Beaver says. “It’s ‘Supernatural,’ anything’s possible. I have said anything’s possible maybe seven thousand times this weekend. Anything’s possible.”

Crowley currently has Kevin (Osric Chau) the prophet in his clutches. “Crowley is essentially what happens when people aren’t paying attention,” Sheppard teases, noting that this year, he and the Winchesters are once again after the same thing.

“Not withstanding all the luggage [the Winchesters] bring from the time apart from each other, they are very much united in going after this one thing,” Carver adds. So what is the one thing? “I think I have to leave it at that right now,” he says.

Edlund explains that Crowley, Sam, Dean, and Kevin are all after a “power source,” but he doesn’t explain much further.

Tune in to the Season 8 premiere of “Supernatural,” on Wednesday October 3 at 9 p.m. on The CW.

Posted by:Carina MacKenzie