supernatural bloodlines promo 'Supernatural: Bloodlines' promo: Watch the first trailer for the 'Supernatural' spinoff Tuesday (April 22) is just full of “Supernatural” goodies, isn’t it?

In addition to a new episode of The CW’s long-running monster-hunting drama, fans were also treated to the first look at the planted backdoor potential spinoff pilot, “Supernatural: Bloodlines.” After hearing about the casting news and title change a month ago, fans finally got their first taste of the highly-anticipated new series with first look photos at Season 9, episode 20 of “Supernatural,” appropriately titled “Bloodlines.” But wait, there’s more!

EW also debuted the first promo for the spinoff series, and it’s filled with a ton of action and all the Winchester snark and humor you could wish for in a series that won’t even star the brothers we’ve come to know and love for nine seasons. That’s right: “Supernatural: Bloodlines” will feature an all-new cast of characters, and Sam and Dean will remain firmly on the original, parent series for Season 10 (let out that big sigh of relief in 3 … 2 … 1 … ). 

Plus, “Supernatural: Bloodlines” is set in the beautiful city of Chicago, so we’ll get to see the Winchesters take on a case in a big city for once. No small towns or crappy motels for these guys — at least for one episode.

Check out the promo for the potential spinoff pilot/episode 20 of “Supernatural” below:

“Supernatural” Season 9, episode 20, “Bloodlines,” airs Tuesday, April 29 at 9 p.m. ET/PT on The CW.

Posted by:Sydney Bucksbaum