supernatural comic con panel 2014 'Supernatural' at Comic Con 2014: Season 10 scoop on Demon Dean, Sam, Cas and CrowleyFans packed Hall H early Sunday (July 27) morning at Comic-Con 2014 for the highly-anticipated annual “Supernatural” panel featuring Jared Padalecki, Jensen Ackles, Misha Collins, Mark Sheppard and executive producer Jeremy Carver. 

After showing the audience footage from Ackles’ episode that he directed (the third episode of the new season — when Dean confronts Sam for the first time since he turned into a demon, and they both attack each other!), the cast and showrunner took to the stage to tease, spoil and dish all about the upcoming Season 10. 

If you weren’t one of the lucky few (thousand) that got to attend the “Supernatural” panel, Zap2it’s got you covered. Here’s all the highlights:
— Carver reveals Demon Dean will steer the whole season. “It has an enormous effect on the season and the brothers,” Carver says. “The boys, Sam in particular, will really dig into how to rescue his brother from being a demon while Dean struggles with what it means to be a demon. We’re really excited, most of all, with the brothers questioning who’s the real monster. It’s exciting, moving, very emotional and fun.”

— Ackles warns this won’t be a demon possessing Dean. It’s still Dean. Just … different. “A lot of times on our show we have demons possessing a meat suit, which is lovingly what we call it on this show. This is not like that. This is actually Dean’s soul that is twisted,” Ackles says. “It was interesting trying to make it the same character but a different character, just twisted and demonic.”
— Castiel wasn’t in a good place at the end of Season 9, and that hasn’t changed when Season 10 picks up. “Castiel’s grace is fading,” Collins says. “He’s getting weaker and is getting less strong and a lot less fun. I think that early on in the season, the most important thing for Castiel, he’s concerned with trying to help get Dean patched up again more so than he is about trying to heal his own powers.”

— Will Demon Dean and Crowley be drinking buddies? Not so fast, Sheppard warns. “I think nobody’s ever going to believe that Crowley didn’t know what was going to happen, right?” Sheppard says. “So we’ll have to see if Crowley has any control over what happens or if Crowley’s even in charge. We’ll have to see.” Ackles elaborates, “With Demon Dean, at some point Crowley is going to be like, ‘This was a bad, bad idea.'” 
—  Episode 200 won’t be the only “musical-ish” episode this year. Ackles says the Season 10 premiere features some singing and dancing too. “There’s a lot of singing and music this year,” Carver agrees. “And a little rump-shaking.” Ackles jumps back in, “Apparently Demon Dean likes to karaoke.”
— Now that Sheppard’s a series regular, what will we learn about Crowley in Season 10? Sheppard says we already know all we need to know. “Crowley is always right,” Sheppard says. “The world revolves around Crowley. That’s just the way it is.”
— Kevin Tran (Osric Chau) showed up as a surprise to ask an audience question! “So when is Kevin coming back?” Chau asked Carver. “Now, never!” Carver jokes. “We will never forget!” Ackles whispers.
— “Castiel, this season, there’s the search for Dean and staying alive,” Carver says when asked what Castiel’s bucket list is.
— Will there be any female series regulars on the show in the future? Not this season, but Carver says that’s because “series regular” is a technical term used by the studio. “You can expect a very healthy dose of new and returning very strong, very powerful female characters this season,” Carver says.
“Supernatural” Season 10 premieres Tuesday, Oct. 7 at 9 p.m. ET/PT on The CW. 
Posted by:Sydney Bucksbaum