supernatural felicia day talks charlies return 'Supernatural': Felicia Day talks Charlie's return, a new spin on Dorothy of Oz, and a twist you won't see coming

When the Winchesters run into computer troubles in Tuesday (Oct. 29) night’s all-new episode of “Supernatural,” there’s only one person they can call for help: everyone’s favorite hacker, Charlie Bradbury (Felicia Day). But when a simple computer task turns into something a little more … Oz-some, an all-out war between Dorothy of Oz, Sam, Dean, and Charlie vs. the Wicked Witch threatens to destroy the Men of Letters bunker.

Zap2it got the chance to talk about the episode, “Slumber Party,” with geek goddess Day herself. Check out what the returning fan-favorite guest star had to say about Charlie’s return, a “Supernatural” spin on the classical Wizard of Oz tale, a twist that leave fans with some strong opinions, and much more.

Zap2it: The last time we saw Charlie Bradbury was in “Pac-Man Fever,” when she was reading to her mother in the hospital for one last time. What has she been up to since then?

Felicia Day: Since the last time we saw her I think she’s grown a lot. Obviously that was a really traumatic situation for her but in a strange way it was closure. With her mom passing away, saying goodbye to her, there is a sense of moving on. Also, she revealed her past to Sam and Dean in a way that she’s never revealed to anyone else, so there is a sense of belonging and comfort with the guys. The new direction that Charlie is on is becoming a hunter. We haven’t seen her but she’s definitely been active and trying to grow what she knows about the lore and the world and exploring doing things on her own. That’s where Charlie’s at and she is thrilled to be able to help the guys out with this thing that they find at the bunker.

So what can you tell us about why the brothers call on Charlie for help in “Slumber Party?”

The bunker is relatively new to the guys and it’s such an amazing place. There’s a number of rooms and you could find pretty much anything there. They find this computer that they don’t really know how to crack or operate so they call on Charlie since she’s obviously really good at this stuff. That’s the essence of it and through that exploration they uncover Dorothy and the Wizard of Oz.

What was it like being a part of “Supernatural’s” twist on the Wizard of Oz?

I loved it. When I first got the script I was thrilled beyond compare because this is exactly up my alley. Not only do I love the Wizard of Oz but I just love taking a world that’s familiar and re-envisioning it. And the same writers who write all of Charlie’s episodes have such an imagination, so it’s always exciting to get called up and asked to do an episode. This one is so different — it has a great sense of humor about it, it has a sense of wonder and fantasy, but it also has some really emotional things, so being able to put all of those aspects together is not easy. I think they did an amazing job with the episode.

When Charlie and Dorothy first meet, can we expect any sparks to fly like they did with the fairy in “LARP and the Real Girl?”

Rather than that sort of direction, I think Charlie is kind of a geek — she is so odd — so it’s like seeing the thing that you only imagined is fiction come to life in front of you. As a fangirl herself, she lives in other people’s worlds as an escape and as entertainment, so this is sort of the apex of what you can experience as a fan, seeing a character come to life and in a much different way than you’d expect. This is not the traditional Dorothy. She’s a very independent woman. She’s kind of like Amelia Earhart slash Indiana Jones. She’s a really strong female character which Charlie has to deal with in interesting and fun ways.

What can you tell us about the epic battle that takes place in the Men of Letters bunker between the Wicked Witch and everyone else?

There are certain things that happen that are very surprising in a way. There’s definitely a twist and a new kind of urgency to get this thing solved even though it takes place all in the bunker. The witch opens a gate to Oz so there’s a threat to both sides, our world and that one. It’s something that has to be solved. Plus Crowley is still in the bunker as well, so there are definitely some very interesting twists that I think people will get strong opinions about.

You mentioned Crowley … any chance Charlie or Dorothy or the Wicked Witch will come face to face with the King of Hell?

I can’t say that but I can say that he is involved.

“Supernatural” is obviously a very male-dominated show, so what has it been like being one of the only recurring female characters that the fans have really embraced?

I’m totally honored to not only be a part of the “Supernatural” cast but to have the fans embrace the character of Charlie so much. I have been to a lot of conventions this year and I have to say, universally, it is just amazing to meet the passionate fans of Supernatural who continue supporting what I do. Just talking to them online and seeing how much the show means to them, that’s the epitome of TV and why I love being on the kinds of shows that I luckily get to be on and make the shows that I luckily get to make. It’s an extension of the world that I love and their passion might rival any other show out there. It’s up there with “Firefly,” for sure, which I think is the most fan-driven show ever. But that’s just my opinion.

Why do you think the fans have taken to Charlie in such a positive way, enough to make the showrunners bring you back for a fourth episode?

Like you said, it’s a very male-dominated show. There are a high number of female deaths … there just seems to be a higher mortality rate for ladies on the show. But Charlie is the ultimate fangirl, in a way. She’s a reflection of someone who would be a fan of “Supernatural.” So it’s really cool to have a voice on the show that you love that you can identify with. And she’s a real person. She’s got so many layers. And she has become a part of the guys’ world which I think is fantastic. Plus, they give me really cool t-shirts to wear.

Will we ever get to find out Charlie’s real first name?

I hope that people are able to at one point, but I can’t reveal anything. I think the essence of Charlie has been revealed in “Pac-Man Fever.” The reason why she doesn’t use her real name, all these different things were revealed in that and that’s why I think this one is a fun episode. She is herself completely, and she can be completely comfortable with the guys in a way that she has never been comfortable with anyone before because she’s been living a lie for so long. So that is touching. And I love that there are a couple of scenes in the episode between her and Dean, and her and Sam, that really solidify that.

What are you most excited for fans to see in “Slumber Party?”

There’s definitely an interesting moment that happens halfway through the episode that I think will get a strong reaction. And then at the end of the episode, the very end, there is actually a very interesting choice that Charlie has to make. I’m really interested to see how Charlie reacts to that and I think that people are going to have really strong opinions about it, too.

If you had to pick, out of all the episodes of “Supern
atural” that you have guest-starred on, which one is your favorite?

That’s a hard question because there is not even one single scene that didn’t seem special. Everything has been so special. And to see Charlie grow from a character that didn’t necessarily need to come back, I’ve just been so honored and excited to be able to play her over and over. They always find amazing things for me to do. “Pac-Man Fever” obviously had an emotional core that I don’t think can be beat. So many layers were peeled back from her character. But “Oz” was super fun, and then in the “LARP” episode I got to wear a LARP outfit, and the first episode I got to dance in an elevator. There are fantastic moments in each episode so I can’t say that I have a favorite, necessarily, although “Pac-Man Fever” had a depth to it that you can’t beat.

“Supernatural” airs Tuesdays at 9 p.m. ET on The CW.

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