james patrick stuart gi 'Supernatural': New casting probably means more Crowley“Supernatural” is adding a new bad guy to the mix for at least one episode this season, which is interesting enough in and of itself. But it’s who the new character associates with that really has us curious.

According to EW, James Patrick Stuart — who played AnnaLynne McCord’s dad on the first season of “90210” — is set to play an evildoer named Richard Roman in the season’s sixth episode. “Supernatural” executive producer Sera Gamble describes the character as “a very canny, charming, well-connected new adversary.”

Here’s the kicker, again from Gamble via EW: “Crowley has sought him out specifically to join forces with him to pursue common interests. Put it this way: Crowley doesn’t bring a muffin basket to just anyone.”

Yep, Crowley, as in Mark Sheppard, who previously would only confirm that he’d be in the season premiere. (There’s a brief glimpse of him in the teaser The CW released last week.) We’re curious to see what kind of guy makes Crowley that interested (and if he actually brings a muffin basket).

Stuart, who’s also had recurring parts on “CSI” and “The Closer,” is only slated for one episode of “Supernatural” at the moment. But based on what Gamble has said about Richard, we wouldn’t be surprised if he made a return appearance later in the season.

“Supernatural” premieres Friday, Sept. 23.

Posted by:Rick Porter