supernatural rock and a hard place recap 'Supernatural' recap: Sam and Dean are ... virgins? Not for long

It’s always nice to see a female who can handle herself around the Winchesters on “Supernatural.” And now that Charlie’s off in the land of Oz helping Dorothy win her civil war, there was a void that needed to be filled of the butt-kicking female variety.

Enter Sheriff Jody Mills, the small-town sheriff who needed Sam, Dean, and Bobby’s help way back in Season 5 when her son and the rest of the town turned into zombies. Since then — and after Bobby saved her from leviathans and she covered for him to the FBI — she’s been keeping an eye on any strange police reports that might be up Sam and Dean’s alley. And when virgins start going missing, and the culprit seems to have superhuman strength and emit a blue light, she gives them a call.

Thanks to her many encounters with the supernatural — Crowley almost killed her on a blind date last season, too — Jody knows that there are things that go bump in the night, but watching her work the case with Sam and Dean was a delight. She was a new perspective to view the Winchesters’ lives through. We’ve been with these boys through thick and thin for nine seasons now, so we kind of forget just how crazy it all is. As Sam started listing things that the monster might be, Jody’s reaction to the idea that angels might be behind it was spot on. She is a church-going, god-fearing gal, after all, but she took the new information in stride.

In fact, she took it all in stride. Angels, dragons, goddesses, she didn’t even blink. And when it was revealed that the thing taking virgins (well, born-again virgins who broke their chastity pledge, actually) was a goddess, she pushed through the pain of being stabbed in the freakin’ chest to save Sam and Dean. What a trooper.

It would be awesome if Jody showed up in more “Supernatural” episodes going forward. Sam and Dean need someone else to balance out their crazy and debilitatingly depressing past and to remind them of what they have: each other. Sam and Dean sometimes need to be reminded that their bond is actually good. Charlie’s gone, Bobby’s gone, Castiel is in no position to help anyone, and Dean and Sam both proved in “Rock and a Hard Place” that they’re not doing so good.

When Vesta (goddess of the hearth from ancient Rome who buried alive virgins who broke their celibacy vows) tries to kill Sam for his liver since it’s the part she eats (it’s the organ that works to purify the body), she senses that it’s in failure. She tells Sam that his whole body is “duct tape and safety pins” and she can’t understand how he’s even alive. When Sam asks Dean what she meant later, Dean lies and calls it an after effect from the trials, but Sam doesn’t believe him. Instead of realizing that Dean’s lying to him, Sam blames himself, saying that maybe he’ll never be truly okay.

And Dean couldn’t let Sam place all the blame on himself when he knows the truth, and decides to finally confess about Zeke. But Zeke won’t let him! He tells Dean that Sam would eject him and then Sam would die. So now Sam’s blaming himself for his poor health and Dean can’t do anything about it or talk to anyone about it. These boys need someone like Jody to keep them on the straight and narrow, especially when it comes to each other.

All in all, “Rock and a Hard Place” was a solid episode that showed Dean finally breaking down and trying to confess to his brother the secret he’s been keeping all season, but couldn’t due to outside forces. You’ve got to give him credit for trying to tell the truth, though. Plus, watching Dean and Sam take a vow of chastity … hilarious. These boys are the farthest things from virgins to walk the earth, and of course Dean couldn’t last one full day without breaking his born-again virgin pledge. But can you blame him? He found his chastity counselor was his favorite porn star, and he was like a kid in a candy store. Silver lining: by breaking their vows they became the perfect bait for Vesta, ultimately leading them to crack the case they were trying to solve.

So what did you think of the episode? Were you glad that Dean finally realized he needed to tell the truth about his angelic pacemaker? And how pissed are you at Zeke for refusing to let Dean clue Sam in about him?

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Posted by:Sydney Bucksbaum