supernatural jensen ackles jared padalecki 320 'Supernatural' recap: Weekend At Bobby'sIn this ridiculously entertaining “Supernatural” episode — directed by Jensen Ackles, in case you haven’t heard — we spend a few days with Bobby up in Sioux Falls, South Dakota, to see what his life’s really like when he’s not being roped into some angst-ridden wankfest by The Drippy Duo, and “Supernatural” hasn’t been this fun in months. Remember Crowley, the lead crossroads demon who still holds a contract on Bobby’s soul? Well, Bobby summons him back to Earth to ensnare that wickedly delightful nemesis of his in a devil’s trap until Crowley agrees to cancel the deal. Of course, Crowley’s not going to stand for such nonsense, and he quickly unleashes his personal Hellhound to pant heavily in Bobby’s face until Bobby lets its master go.

Fortunately, Bobby’s got a Plan B that involves torturing yet another sassy crossroads demonette until she reveals Crowley’s human name. The demonette’s none too happy with this situation, of course, because Crowley evidently took control of Hell after Lucifer got thrown back into his cage at the end of last season, and the red-eyed miss quite naturally fears for her life should she spill. Bobby’s especially persuasive, however, and after he treats the demonette to an impromptu barbecue in his basement, she finally screams it out: Fergus Roderick MacLeod.

Wee Fergus — his demonic underlings call him “Lucky The Leprechaun” behind his back — was a Scottish tailor born in 1661, and some further research by Bobby reveals Fergus had a son, Gavin, who died in a shipwreck off Puerto Vallarta after his coked-up cruise director finally lost it and went berserker on everybody’s ass. Or something like that. Gavin MacLeod’s remains were never found, but a museum in Andover, Massachusetts, has his signet ring, so Bobby sends Rufus — remember the paranoid lunatic with a taste for Johnnie Walker Blue? — to swipe the thing so Bobby can summon Gavin’s restless spirit for a little chat about Dad.

A little chat about Dad that ends up being quite revealing, as it turns out. Wee Fergus was tiny in more ways than one, apparently, for he sold his soul way back in the day for a couple of extra inches below his belt, if you know what I mean, and I think you do. Even better, Ghastly Gavin remembers where Dear Old Dad’s buried, and by the time Bobby again summons Crowley to The Emporium, Our Intrepid Heroes have jetted across the Atlantic to dig up Wee Fergus’s earthly remains. You see, while burning the bones of a ghost simply releases the poor soul into whatever comes afterward, burning the bones of a ghost who became a demon actually destroys the demon. Crowley, then, has little choice but to release Bobby from his contract, though Bobby — ever the sharp one — makes sure he retains use of his legs.

It was a tight, sensible, quick-moving story that actually achieved a full resolution by the end of the hour, and I haven’t even mentioned the amusing side plots involving Lamias, Okamis, Bobby’s new next-door neighbor Marcy, and a woodchipper. A woodchipper. By far the best episode of the season, and possibly the best episode of the year.

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