supernatural-finale-sam-dean.jpgBefore we get into tonight’s main action, we first sit through a little bit of backstory — about six and a half full minutes of backstory, as it turns out — in which we learn that once upon a time, Our Intrepid Heroes motored on over to Coeur d’Alene, Idaho, at the behest of a so-called white witch who’d been foolishly tracking a dark demonic lady-chopping serial killer all by her very lonesome. The boys quickly trap the guy themselves and proceeded to run through their whole exorcism schtick — after first securing the permission of the hapless postal worker the demon possessed, which was nice of them, I suppose — and after beating the hapless postal worker’s body to a vividly bloody pulp, Dashing El Deano banished the offending swirl of bitterly black demonic foulness back to Hell. Dean then dropped what was left of hapless “Jeffrey” off at a hospital with strict instructions never to talk to anyone about what he just endured.

Flash-forward to the present, and guess what? Jeffrey talked. As a result, he got shipped off to the nuthouse for a very lengthy period of time, and is now working his way through an early-release program of some sort before his crazy ass gets pushed back into the great, big, scary world. Unfortunately for everyone involved, a rash of copycat lady-choppings has cropped up around the town, so Our Intrepid Heroes once again motor on over to Coeur d’Alene at the behest of that so-called white witch to figure out what’s going on, and it turns out that Jeffrey’s actually a fiendishly clever sociopath who lured the boys back to Idaho so he could complete some sort of demon-freeing spell in order to reunite with that offending swirl of bitterly black demonic foulness, which he now considers to be his One True Love. Or something like that. There was a lot of coma-inducing chit-chat in this episode, but I’m pretty sure that’s how it all went down. Needless to say, Sam and Dean can’t allow Jeffrey to succeed with this nefarious plot of his, so they join forces with the white witch to re-banish the offending swirl of bitterly black demonic foulness back to Hell — again, some more — after which Dean empties his trusty pearl-handled automatic into Psycho Jeffrey’s bat**** chest.

In other news, we discover that Darling Sammy’s been suffering from random Lucifer hallucinations for most of the current season, and in this episode, he makes matters much, much worse by engaging those hallucinations in conversation. Turns out, though, that Satan’s quite the helpful little guy when it comes to solving cases, so if you ask me, it might be in Sam’s best interests to keep him around for a little while longer. Especially if they can keep Mark Pellegrino on the payroll for the rest of the season, because Mark Pellegrino is delightfully insane in this particular role, and we have been in dire need of some goddamned fun for the last five frigging months.

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