supernatural ep 2 recap photo 'Supernatural' recap: 'Zeke' proves his value while Abaddon vies for Crowley's crown

Warning: the following recap contains major spoilers from “Supernatural” Season 9 episode 2, “Devil May Care” …

Though last week’s “Supernatural” Season 9 premiere dealt with the immediate fallout of the events in the church, Tuesday (Oct. 15) night’s all-new episode featured a look at what the major arc of the season will be … namely, what to do with all the fallen angels, demons, and bad things roaming the earth. Like Dean said, it’s going to be a busy year.

At least the Winchesters have two tricks up their sleeve: an angel in Sam and the king of hell in their basement. Are these two good things?

First off, now that Ezekiel is in Sam’s head, Dean’s been worrying about whether or not he made the right call to allow the angel to possess his little brother. And according to “Zeke” — love that Dean’s giving him a nickname! — he did. And not just allowing Zeke to possess Sam … he also agrees with Dean choosing Sam’s life over closing the gates of hell. Zeke has become the confidant that Dean so desperately needs now that he can’t talk to Sam about the choices he’s made, and the fact that Zeke is giving Dean support is great (and Jared Padalecki is just killing all these Ezekiel scenes).

It’s also a little worrisome, because we still don’t know if Zeke is totally trustworthy. He is an angel, after all, and taking up realty in Sam’s noggin is benefitting him as well. Dean’s trusting him for now because it’s really the only option, and Sam even said he’s better than ever for the first time in a long time. Although they’ve got a lot of work ahead of them, Sam feels good, and is surrounded by his friends and family, and Dean’s look of satisfaction means he’s feeling good about the choices he’s made which can only mean he won’t be feeling good about them in the future.

Another ace in the hole for the Winchesters? The fact that they’ve got Crowley captured and willing to do what they want … for a price, of course. After “Zero Dark Thirtying” Crowley — leaving the king of hell alone with nothing but his conflicting thoughts and lingering effects of almost being cured of being a demon — he cracked (he even used the word “feels”) … though not after trying to manipulate Kevin Tran into letting him go. It almost worked too, had Dean not played interception and gave one of his rousing family speeches that brought Kevin — and viewers — to tears.

Sam and Dean want Crowley to give them all the names of demons topside so they can be hunted down, but all Crowley wants is to keep his hold on his crown, since Abaddon is doing everything in her power to take it. She thinks Crowley is just a salesman whose time at the top of the hell food chain is over, and she’s want to conquer hell, earth, and all the angels with their clipped wings. This is one greedy knight of hell, no?

Abaddon rounded up her small army of army men, captured two hunters, and tried to lure the Winchesters into a trap. Of course, our boys are too smart for that, and went in guns blazing. One of the captured hunters was shot and killed, while the other (who blamed Sam for her family’s deaths since he let Lucifer out of the cage all those years ago) had to run to get more bullets. It looked like Sam was about to be exterminated when Zeke once again proved his value by spreading his wings and killing the demons by showing his angelic form. Sam was unconscious while Zeke did his thing, and Dean took the credit for taking out their attackers.

Abaddon fleed the scene when she realized the Winchesters had an angel on retainer, and the boys went back to the Men of Letters bunker to get back to work, finding every demon and monster on earth and taking them out.

So what did you think of episode? Do you trust Zeke? And while the hour was Castiel-free, up next week: Castiel’s back, and struggling to get to the Men of Letters bunker as a human. Along the way, he might find some lovin’ … if he can avoid all the pissed off angels hunting him down.

“Supernatural” airs Tuesdays at 9 p.m. ET on The CW.

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