supernatural sam interrupted jon gries 'Supernatural' scoop: An old friend returns to stir up trouble in Season 8Recurring characters are rare on “Supernatural,” especially lately, as the Winchesters have lost old friends like Bobby and Rufus. Fortunately, while Dean was busy in Purgatory and Sam was busy having picnics in the park, there were still a few hunters left to keep people safe. Zap2it has exclusively confirmed that an old friend of the Winchesters’ will return this year to help Sam and Dean out on a case. (Though Dean might object to that description.)

“Lost” actor Jon Gries will return this season as Martin Creaser, a hunter who helped John Winchester out multiple times while he was alive. Fans will remember Martin from the Season 5 episode “Sam, Interrupted,” in which Sam and Dean found him in a mental institution after the trauma of hunting got the better of him.

Now, Martin is out of the loony bin and back on the job. As we already reported, in the Halloween episode, Sam will finally come face-to-face with Benny, Dean’s vampire pal from Purgatory. Suffice to say that Sam won’t exactly be inviting Benny to join the family.

In the upcoming episode “Citizen Fang,” Sam asks Martin to keep an eye on Benny after some unexplained deaths in Benny’s hometown. Dean won’t be particularly happy about it — and when Martin finds out that a Winchester has teamed up with a vampire, he will not be impressed.

Posted by:Carina MacKenzie