supernatural season 10 mark sheppard series regular 'Supernatural' Season 10: Mark Sheppard returning as series regular Now that Dean’s a demon, he’s going to need all the help he can get. Lucky for him, Crowley’s going to be around a lot more next season on “Supernatural.”

Zap2it can reveal that Mark Sheppard is returning to “Supernatural” Season 10 as a series regular. While there is no exact episode count for the king of hell at this time, the promotion means he’ll be a big part of the next season.

Does that mean fans will get to see more of Dean and Crowley’s odd couple dynamic next season, with Crowley showing Dean the ropes of being a demon? Not going to lie, that sounds awesome — although Sam would probably disagree.

“Battlestar Galactica” alum Sheppard first appeared on “Supernatural” in Season 5, back when Crowley was a crossroads demon and right-hand man to Lilith, the former ruler of hell. Since then, he has risen through the ranks to become the king of hell himself, and forged a love/hate relationship with the Winchesters, sometimes helping them and most of the time trying to kill them. 

At the end of Season 8, Sam almost finished curing Crowley of being a demon, and some of the human characteristics stuck with him throughout Season 9, though he is still the king of hell after Dean killed Abaddon — the knight of hell trying to usurp Crowley for the throne.

Does Crowley’s increased presence mean fans will get to see the return of his son? Crowley and Gavin gave new meaning to the word “complicated” with their father/son dynamic, but they seemed to reach an understanding by the end of Season 9 and it was strangely exciting to see Crowley act like a father. After Gavin was plucked from the past by Abaddon, Crowley set him free in the present against Sam and Dean’s wishes, so bringing him back is a definite possibility.

Season 10 is going to focus on Dean’s struggles with becoming a demon after dying and having his Mark of Cain resurrect him as the thing he and his brother Sam have hunted their entire lives. Since Crowley was the one who told Dean about the Mark in the first place, he’s “helped” Dean with understanding how it works, though he conveniently forgot to tell Dean about how the Mark also resurrected Cain as a demon way back in the day. That’s probably not going to sit too well with either Winchester, but hey, Crowley’s never been known for his complete and total honesty, has he?

Sheppard isn’t the only newly-promoted actor on “Supernatural” for Season 10. Misha Collins — who plays the angel Castiel — has also been upped to series regular for next season.
“Supernatural” returns for Season 10 this fall on The CW.
Posted by:Sydney Bucksbaum