supernatural misha collins 320 'Supernatural' Season 7 clip: Sam's suffering is not on Castiel's priority listWe thought we were prepared for the new version of Castiel. Every bit of “Supernatural” promo material this season threatened heartbreak – “Kiss your Cass goodbye!” they told us. “The Castiel you knew is gone!”

Still, actually seeing the opening clip from the upcoming Season 7 premiere is a blast of cold, harsh reality. Or… as close to reality as you can get, given the fact that we’re referring to a television show about brothers who hunt demons.

His delivery of the, “Not doing so well, are you, Sam?” line is just so not Castiel.

When we saw Misha Collins in August, he told us that Castiel isn’t in a very helpful mood when it comes to fixing Sam’s broken brain. “No, he wants Sam to suffer for a while,” Collins says. “Sam’s basically f***ed.”

Well, when you put it like that…

Fortunately, Sam’s got Dean around to worry and fret and do all those things that Dean does. When the time comes, will Dean ever be able to forgive Castiel for messing with Sam? Perhaps we should say if the time comes, given the fact that Collins has yet to return to set in Vancouver after shooting the first two episodes of the season.

“I’ve grown affectionate for him and developed an affinity for him over
the years, and of course, I probably identify with him more than anyone,” Collins told us. “I definitely want him to be redeemed. I love him; of course I want to
see that.”

Posted by:Carina MacKenzie