spn dean sam good evil 320 'Supernatural' Season 7 goes on the run, plus: What did you think of Season 6?In its sixth season, “Supernatural” felt, in many ways, like a whole new show. Creator Eric Kripke had completed his five-season arc, ending with the thwarted apocalypse, and he stepped aside for Sera Gamble to take over as showrunner.

When Season 6 opened with Dean as a comfortable family man and Sam as a soulless monster-killing machine, we all felt a little uncomfortable – even actors Jared Padalecki and Jensen Ackles.

Of course, that discomfort was all part of the plan, and by the end of the season our Winchesters where right back where we wanted them — all souled up, side by side, fighting the bad guys. What we didn’t expect was for one of their own, Castiel (Misha Collins), to flip the script on them. Flooded with the power of Purgatory, Castiel is no longer an angel, but a formidable god, and a whole new kind of threat to the Winchesters.

In Season 7, Sam and Dean will hit the high road cowboy style as they dodge a whole new opponent.  Gamble tells TVLine that the Winchesters will be “up against a new foe unlike anything they’ve ever fought,” and that along with Kripke and executive producer Bob Singer, she’s settled on a theme for the season. “We had everyone on the writing staff watch ‘Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid,” she says, noting that in Season 7, she’s “really hungry to capture some of that cowboy, outlaw spirit for Sam and Dean.”

Sounds badass… except maybe for the part where the movie ends with Butch and the Kid caught in a barrage of gunfire. We’d prefer the Winchesters riding off into the sunset with a little Zeppelin on the radio… but that’s neither here nor there.

While Collins won’t play as significant a role in the season as he has in the past, now that he’s no longer a regular cast member, that doesn’t mean that the Winchesters will never be able to forgive Castiel. “We try to be realistic about the fact that people on this show do cross lines that can’t be uncrossed, but we examine those things in terms of Sam and Dean. They have a tremendous
capacity to move forward. We always look for the chance to have
redemption,” Gamble says.

We’re curious to hear what “Supernatural” fans thought of Season 6 now that everything has been wrapped up. Did you like watching the fight for Sam’s soul? Did the introduction of fairies and dragons tickle your fancy? How do you think about Castiel’s now bow-down-or-die attitude?

Weigh in below in the comments section, and then vote in our poll about which season you’ve loved most. We’ll be tuning in for another year of “Supernatural” beginning at 9 p.m. on Fridays beginning this Fall.

Posted by:Carina MacKenzie