supernatural sam sarah jared padalecki taylor cole rumor 'Supernatural' Season 8 spoilers: Is Taylor Cole returning as Sam's Season 1 love interest?Sam’s love interest from the beginning of this season of “Supernatural” didn’t work out so well, since he chose hunting over reuniting with her. But all hope isn’t lost when it comes to his romantic prospects. In fact, it looks like an old flame could possibly be resurfacing, and, unlike Amelia, this one was a real hit with the audience, back in the day.

In the Season 1 episode “Provenance,” Sam and Dean met Sarah Blake, played by actress Taylor Cole. The character worked at her father’s auction house… and accidentally sold a murderous haunted painting to unsuspecting families. Unlike some of the damsels in distress that the Winchesters encountered, Sarah got deeply involved in the hunt. In fact, her bravery and wit impressed Dean so much that he told Sam to “marry that girl.”

Sam was still quite hung up on Jess, finding their dad, and seeking revenge, so marriage was out of the question, but he did take Sarah on one date (with a fact-finding agenda), and he kissed her goodbye at the end of the episode. Sarah made such an impression on the boys that Dean even offered to drive Sam back to visit her in the following episode.

Now, Cole has returned to the “Supernatural” set! When a fan said she was hoping for Cole to return, Cole tweeted the photo below, and wrote “stranger things have happened #sarahblake #supernatural” — then told fans to “ask for what you want” if they were interested in Sarah making another appearance. Since the photo is clearly from this season (according to our Padalecki hair-o-meter), one might assume that Sarah is coming back!

She did learn the truth about the Winchesters’ line of work, so Sarah could always call them up for help with another problem that goes bump in the night. We’d definitely be interested to see what she thinks of Sam now, after all he’s been through in the decade-plus since they’ve seen each other — and with the tablet trials doing a number on his physical and mental health.

Of course, it’s possible that Cole was just stopping by set to visit her old buddies while she was up in Vancouver… but we’ve got our fingers crossed that another major callback is headed our way. In the meantime, we’ve reached out to our “Supernatural” sources for more info, and we’ll get you guys the scoop as soon as we’ve got it. UPDATE: Warner Bros. confirms to Zap2it that Cole will be reprising her role of Sarah Blake in episode 822. Yay!

In the meantime, you could always watch the video of Sam and Sarah below to refresh your memory.

taylor cole supernatural jared padalecki jensen ackles 'Supernatural' Season 8 spoilers: Is Taylor Cole returning as Sam's Season 1 love interest?

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