supernatural season 9 episode 19 recap 'Supernatural' Season 9, episode 19 recap: Sheriff Jody Mills and vampiric Stockholm syndrome in 'Alex Annie Alexis Ann' It’s always nice when a dynamic female character can hold her own with the Winchester boys on “Supernatural.” But so few have survived more than a few episodes that fans have learned not to get too attached to any recurring female guest stars. Remember Jo? Or how about Charlie? Any of Sam and Dean’s ex-girlfriends? You know Abaddon isn’t going to get a free pass. Demon-with-a-heart Meg currently holds the longest record of episodes … before she died, too. You sense a pattern here?

While we’re not complaining per se about the lack of females on the show — we certainly love our testosterone-laden series for a reason, don’t we? — it’s still difficult to ignore the fact that every female character introduced has died (or gone off to some fairy dimension us humans call Oz). Except, of course, for kick-butt, snarky and quick Sheriff Jody Mills (Kim Rhodes).

Jody has been a part of the “Supernatural” world since Season 5, episode 15, “Dead Men Don’t Wear Plaid,” when she was introduced to the world of hunting as her own world was falling apart. Her son Owen became a zombie and killed her husband, and it became clear in Tuesday’s (April 22) episode, “Alex Annie Alexis Ann,” that she still hasn’t been able to move on from her grief more than four years later. It’s refreshing to see such a human issue shown on “Supernatural,” because fans have almost become immune to death after how much Sam and Dean have had to deal it out and deal with it, but for everyone else, death is a hugely major ordeal. You can’t just bury the grief, crack a beer and decapitate a vampire and expect things to be okay.

Jody learned that the hard way, trying to fill the hole in her heart left by her family with work, and hunting, and even by trying to save the runaway Annie/Alex/Ann from her “family” of vampires. The human girl had been abducted from her grandparents nine years ago and was acting as the vampire nest’s lure, a.k.a. bringing home “delivery” of humans that hit on her in bars. But she ran away when the guilt became too much and she couldn’t deal with the blood and death anymore. Of course, her “vampiric Stockholm syndrome” was still in play, and she still felt loyalty to the vampire nest, but she clearly wanted to get away from it all. She just didn’t know how.

That’s where Jody came in. She hid Annie/Alex/Ann (let’s just call her Alex from now on, k?) from the vampires when they came looking for her and called up Sam and Dean for backup. And let’s pause for a moment: How weird was it seeing “Bitten” star Greyston Holt as a vampire instead of a werewolf? He’s much more naturally wolfy, with his deep, growly voice, long hair and scruff, right? We didn’t have to deal with him as a vampire for long, though, since Dean decapitated him easily.

After acting cold and distant toward Jody in the beginning, Alex warms up to her, and they bond over having lost their families. The longer Alex is away from the vampires, the more it becomes clear that she truly doesn’t want to live that life anymore. But her “family” hunts her down, knocks Jody out and takes Alex home.

Sam and Dean find Jody and prep to take out the nest, calling it a “clean up mission,” not a rescue of Alex. Jody isn’t okay with that, though, and stubbornly tells them she’s coming along to save Alex. That becomes a little difficult when it’s revealed that Alex’s “mom” turned her into a vampire so she wouldn’t have to deal with “human” emotions like guilt anymore.

Even though Alex is halfway through her transition by the time Jody gets to her, she still knows she doesn’t want the life of a vampire. She jabs her “mom” with a needle full of dead man’s blood, and Jody decapitates her.

While all that mama-drama is going on in the basement of the nest, Sam and Dean are dealing with Alex’s “brothers” upstairs. After they almost drain Sam of all of his blood, Dean gets the upper hand in the fight and goes all Mark of Cain on the vamps. They didn’t stand a chance, but things got truly frightening when it became clear that Dean was about to decapitate the last one. The vampire knew he was about to die, and averted his eyes so he wasn’t looking at Dean when he ended his life. But Dean shouts at him, “Look at me! Look at me, b****!” and waits for the vamp to look into his eyes before slowly but surely decapitating him.

That interaction was powerful, intense, and scary as hell. Sam had it right when he approached Dean later and confronted him about “enjoying” killing too much. But of course, Dean thinks that killing things that need killing is their job and there’s nothing wrong with enjoying it. But what happens when Dean loses himself in the anger and rage of the Mark of Cain and loses grip on reality? Will he start killing things with abandon, without knowing whether his victims deserve it or not? Castiel was right to be worried about the Mark of the Cain. This is clearly not going to end well.

So where did the episode leave us? Not sure, exactly. Dean and Sam left Jody with Alex, who was going to go through the process of getting cured since she never fed on a human to complete her transition. But after that? Not even Jody or Alex knows. Will Alex stay with Jody, and will they form a new family? Or will they go their separate ways? No matter what happens, it seems hopeful that they can get through their grief over losing their families together.

And who’s ready for some “Supernatural” spinoff?!? Next Tuesday (April 29) is the planted backdoor potential spinoff pilot, “Bloodlines,” and based on the promo that aired after this week’s episode, it’s going to be epic. See you in Chicago, Sam and Dean!

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