supernatural bloodlines recap 'Supernatural' Season 9, episode 20 recap: A spinoff is born in 'Bloodlines' And there you have it, “Supernatural” fans. The planted backdoor spinoff pilot for the potential new series, “Supernatural: Bloodlines,” has officially aired. So what’s the verdict? Will we be making weekly trips to Chicago come this fall?

While the jury’s still out in any official capacity, “Bloodlines” was a fantastic jumping off point for the spinoff series, should The CW grant it with a series order. With five monster families who rule the Windy City like the mafia, there was a lot of story to tell and a lot of characters to introduce in a short amount of time, so while some characters didn’t really get their due (ahem, Sean Faris’ werewolf Julian Duval, for one!), that’s because there just wasn’t enough time in one episode. Many characters and families were only teased in order to make room for the main characters: New hunter Ennis Ross who was avenging the death of his fiance, reluctant shapeshifter David Lassiter returning to his family after a three year break and his ex girlfriend/werewolf Violet Duval.

Here’s what you need to know about David and Violet: They used to date and clearly still have feelings for one another, but David thought Violet stood him up three years ago when they planned to run away from Chicago together since their families would never allow them to be together (in Chicago, the monster families all view their “Bloodlines” as sacred and are not to be mixed). However, Violet did go to the station to meet David all those years ago, but David’s brother Sal (who died violently in the episode, and that murder is what prompted Sam and Dean to come to town) threatened Violet’s life if she didn’t leave and break David’s heart. Sal knew Violet’s family would come after the shifters if they found out she ran away with one of them, so he tried to stop a war before it started.

David, of course, doesn’t know that, so he thinks Violet stood him up because she didn’t want to be with him. That heartbreak led him to leave the family and try to live a normal, human life in college (he still used his shifting powers to steal finals and sell them for cash, but hey, can’t blame a guy for trying to get a little extra beer money, can you?). He only returned after Sal died to try and find out who killed his brother. His investigation brought him to Ennis, whose fiance was killed by the same thing that killed Sal, so they team up with the Winchesters to hunt down this new monster.

Only the new monster isn’t a monster at all: It’s just a human guy avenging his young son’s death by inciting a war between all the monster families. Before Sam and Dean can do anything, Ennis shoots and kills the guy out of revenge for his fiance’s death. Ennis clearly has a lot of demons to work through, and he isn’t the most experienced hunter, but that’s where the fun of “Supernatural: Bloodlines” is going to come into play. It will be refreshing seeing this world through a new hunter’s eyes, unlike seasoned professionals Sam and Dean. 

Something else that “Bloodlines” had going for it is the fact that some “monsters” were actually pretty good. David stopped Violet from murdering the guy that was trying to kill them, saving both her soul and someone who didn’t deserve to be saved. He also stepped up to run his family in Sal’s absence instead of his sister Margo, since she wants to start a war. He’s giving up his “human” life to save both monster and human lives. We’ve seen “Supernatural” tackle monsters with humanity before, but never in this scope, and never on a weekly basis, so “Bloodlines” brings something new to the table.
And as for Sam and Dean, they were rightly outraged when they learned of the monster situation brewing in Chicago. They planned on staying in the city to clean up things for good, but after a call from Cas claiming that he’s got a line on Metatron, they realized they had bigger fish to fry. They promised Ennis they would send more experienced hunters to the Windy City to take care of the monster problem (hello, crossovers! Garth, Sheriff Jody Mills, the possibilities are endless), but Ennis wasn’t satisfied. He promised himself that he would start his own war against the monsters for taking his fiance from him. But at the end of the hour, he received a call from an unknown number warning him that if he started hunting, the monsters would kill him. And all of a sudden, he recognized the voice: “Dad?!?” 
That’s right, Ennis’ dead father is not-so-dead! And he knew about the monsters! That was obvious earlier since Ennis found silver bullets in his dad’s trunk, but still. “Bloodlines” just went “Scandal” on us! This is clearly going to be the mystery that kicks off the (potential) new series, along with the growing unrest between all the monster families that have been trying to keep the peace for generations. It’s a compelling premise that would be entertaining to watch as it plays out, so hey CW, make this series a reality!

“Supernatural” airs Tuesdays at 9 p.m. ET/PT on The CW.
Posted by:Sydney Bucksbaum