supernatural stairway to heaven recap 'Supernatural' Season 9, episode 22 recap: 'Stairway to Heaven' reunites Team Free Will for the finale With only one episode left to go of Season 9, “Supernatural” had one doozy of an hour on Tuesday (May 13). Many things were confusing in “Stairway to Heaven,” many of them mythology-based (have reapers always been angels?) and many of them plot-based (Metatron has been posing as Castiel?). And honestly? This won’t be a traditional recap because we’re still not sure what exactly happened after one viewing. But one thing that Season 9, episode 22 got right? It reunited Team Free Will in preparation for the finale.

That’s right, Castiel, Sam and Dean are all finally back together in one place, on the same side, with the same goal: To take down Metatron. After all of the angels following Castiel found out that he lied about his stolen grace — he didn’t tell them it was fading, and once it was gone it would burn him out as well — they left his side to join Metatron, since he promised them all amnesty and a ticket to heaven if they called him “god.” That was Metatron’s goal from the start. He was posing as Castiel and convincing angels to “blow themselves up,” and that combined with Castiel’s lie turned all his troops against him. So Cas went back to the Men of Letters bunker with Sam and Dean, and now the three of them are the only ones standing against Metatron.

But is that enough? Castiel even wondered that out loud to Dean. “You really think we three will be enough?” he asked. “We always have been,” Dean replied.

But wait! It’s not just Team Free Will standing against Metatron, as his second in command Gadreel switched sides. After watching Metatron convince angels that Gadreel recruited to blow themselves up, he became disgusted with Metatron’s actions. He made his way to the MoL bunker and promised Sam, Dean and Castiel that he would tell them all of Metatron’s secrets and plans if they forgave him for his “mistakes” — like killing Kevin Tran in the very spot they were all standing — and things were tense for a moment. But then Dean stretched out his hand to shake Gadreel’s in a sign of peace.

Honestly, that gesture was shocking and a little out-of-character for Dean. He’s not the forgiving type (see: Reaper Tessa’s murder earlier in the episode), especially since this is the angel that lied to him, stole his brother’s body and killed Kevin. Dean’s been clamoring for revenge against Gadreel this whole half of the season. So to see him be the first one to forgive and accept Gadreel’s offer was strange.

And that’s because it wasn’t for real. Dean was only distracting Gadreel with a handshake while he snuck the First Blade out of his jacket pocket to attack Gadreel. He swiped at the angel’s chest, cutting him pretty badly but not killing him. Sam and Cas leapt into action and restrained Dean before he could kill their one chance at finally beating Metatron.

It looks like Sam was right about the First Blade and the Mark doing something to Dean. They drive him to kill without thinking, and based on the promos for the finale next week, that’s something that they’re all going to try and figure out how to stop. Will Gadreel survive Dean’s attack? Can Team Free Will stop Metatron? Will Castiel be able to find a way to stop his stolen grace from killing him? Will Dean be able to overcome his desire to kill? We’ll find out next week.
“Supernatural’s” Season 9 finale airs Tuesday (May 20) at 9 p.m. ET/PT on The CW.
Posted by:Sydney Bucksbaum