spn season 9 premiere recap 'Supernatural' Season 9 premiere recap: Sam's guardian angel may be the Winchesters' downfall

The following recap contains major spoilers if you have yet to watch Tuesday (Oct. 8) night’s “Supernatural” Season 9 premiere … You have been warned …

Did anyone here truly believe Sam wouldn’t make it out of the “Supernatural” Season 9 premiere alive? Of course not. But did anyone here think Dean would let an angel possess Sam — long term — to heal him from the inside out, without Sam knowing an angel was inside him? No way.

Unfortunately for the brothers’ newly stabilized relationship, that’s exactly what happened in the epic, intense Season 9 premiere. The action picked up the next day after all the angels fell to earth, and Dean dragged an unconscious Sam to a nearby hospital. Not finishing the trial to close the gates of hell burned his organs, and his brain wasn’t getting the blood and oxygen it needed to survive. Sam’s body shut down and went into a coma to prevent any more internal damage, but according to the doctors, there was nothing they could do but wait. Wait for Sam to die.

One thing those doctors learned? Never tell a Winchester that a situation is up to God. These boys have learned their entire lives to fight for what they want, and to never give up. So Dean did the only thing he could do: he prayed for help from the angels. First he prayed to Cas, but since — unbeknownst to Dean — Cas was now a human, he couldn’t hear Dean’s prayers. Feeling desperate, Dean then sent out an SOS to any and all angels: if they helped heal Sam, Dean would help them. That’s a big thing, to have a Winchester owe you one.

Many angels responded to the SOS, but not all of them were looking to help Sam and Dean. In fact, most of them wanted to kill the boys except one: Ezekiel (well, hello Tahmoh Penikett!). This warrior angel was weakened during The Fall, but he was a good soldier and would do anything he could to help the Winchesters. He still believed in their cause, but since he was weak, there wasn’t much he could do.

Dean isn’t one to give up (obviously), so he agreed to Ezekiel’s only suggestion: let Ezekiel possess Sam long-term, healing him from the inside while also healing himself. Sam would never know there was an angel inside of him because Ezekiel also wiped any memory of him agreeing to the possession.

But how did Sam agree to the possession if he was in a coma? While Dean was battling angels and figuring out how to save Sam in the real world, Sam was battling his own demons inside his head. His mind created its own version of an angel and demon: Bobby (welcome back, Bobby!) represented Sam’s will to die permanently while Dean represented Sam’s will to live. For a while it looked like Bobby was going to win the argument, and Sam met Death amicably. He agreed to go with Death as long as it was permanent, and no one (read: Dean) could do anything to bring him back or make any deals to resurrect him. He really, truly wanted to go and made peace with his decision, and Death was happy to take him — he even admitted that it would be an honor to collect Sam’s soul. In Death’s own words, “Well played, my boy.”

In the real world, Dean had Ezekiel put him into Sam’s mind and convince him otherwise. He gave a heartbreaking, emotional speech that re-solidified what the brothers achieved in the church during the Season 8 finale: that they needed each other more than anything else. They would always choose each other over the task at hand. Dean asked if Sam would come back with him, and he agreed. 

Unfortunately, Sam didn’t know exactly what he was agreeing to, and all Ezekiel needed was a simple “yes.” Dean tricked Sam into agreeing to something that Sam would never have agreed to had he known the full story. Possession is a big no-no for the Winchesters, and something tells us that when Sam finds out the full truth of what Dean did, the brothers’ relationship will suffer. And you know Sam will find out the truth … it always comes out with these two in the end.

For the time being, this means we get to see Jared Padalecki playing two roles simultaneously: Sam (as usual), and whenever Ezekiel takes over to talk with Dean. Season 8’s finale was stolen by Padalecki’s amazing acting, and it looks like he just might take Season 9 as well. 

As for the newly-humanized Castiel? He was busy learning what it means to survive in a world without powers. That meant feeling pain, hunger, thirst, being dirty, and without a way to get to the Winchesters. He still could hear angel radio, but that meant he could hear all his brothers and sisters vowing to get revenge on the one angel who cast them out of heaven: Castiel. He met up with a fellow fallen angel, Hale (hello, “The Vampire Diaries” Grace Phipps!), but she went a little crazy since she was cast out of heaven. In fact, she ended up taking Cas hostage until he finally killed her (and gave us a fine example of why you should always, always, always wear a seat belt).

Finally free from the psycho angel, Cas headed to a laundromat to clean her blood off of his clothes. But since he only had so much money, he had to choose: clean his uniform suit, tie, and trench coat, or buy water. His thirst won out over his love for his suit and coat, so he donned civilian clothes and started on his trek to the Men of Letters bunker. How sad was it to see Cas in casual clothes? This is only the beginning of his personal journey this season, and it was a rough start at that. 

And how could we forget the best part of the Season 9 premiere? Dean’s keeping Crowley locked in the trunk of his car. Absolutely hilarious.

All in all, Season 9 of “Supernatural” got off to an epic start, and that will continue on next week when Abaddon makes her grand return and her big play for control of both hell and all the fallen angels.

What did you think of the Season 9 premiere? Hit the comments below with your thoughts and opinions. And also: holy wow, love the new title card:

spn season 9 title card 'Supernatural' Season 9 premiere recap: Sam's guardian angel may be the Winchesters' downfall

Sums up the new season of fallen angels pretty nicely, no?

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