shannon lucio supernatural 'Supernatural' Season 9: 'The O.C.'s' Shannon Lucio cast as Castiel's ... love interest?

No, you didn’t read that headline wrong, and no, that wasn’t a typo. “Supernatural’s” angel-turned-human Castiel is getting a love interest this season.

The CW’s long-running hit series just cast “The O.C.” alum Shannon Lucio to woo the fan-favorite character, TVLine reports. She will guest star as April Kelly, and will first show up in Season 9′s third episode, airing Oct. 22. 

Seriously, Lucio got to romance Benjamin McKenzie‘s Ryan Atwood and now Misha Collins‘ Cas? Some girls just get all the luck.

This is the first time Cas will get some action on the series after five seasons — though he did learn a few things from “the pizza boy” to impress Meg the demon before Crowley dispatched her once and for all last season. 

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Posted by:Sydney Bucksbaum