spn caged heat preview 'Supernatural' sneak peek: Does Sam even want his soul back?On last week’s episode of “Supernatural,” a leprechaun offered to get Sam (Jared Padalecki) his soul back — for a price — and Sam refused, prompting Dean (Jensen Ackles) to wonder if Sam wants his soul back at all. In the next new episode, airing Dec. 3, the question bears repeating.

“I’m working for Crowley, aren’t I?” Sam argues. But we can’t blame Dean for being skeptical. Maybe it’s just Sam’s cold expression, but it’s hard for us to believe him. After all he’s been through in his life — a rough childhood, a dead girlfriend, and the whole Lucifer’s vessel thing — maybe having no feelings at all is a bit of a relief. He’s felt plenty already.

The standard Winchester whiskey heart-to-heart (or, in this case heart-to-cold-shell-of-a-heart) is interrupted when Sam suddenly vanishes into thin air. You’d think Dean would be used to this with Castiel, but he draws his gun anyway, and finds Sam passed out on the floor in another room.


What are your thoughts, “Supernatural” fans? Watch the preview clip below and let us know if you believe Sam or not.

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Photo: CW

Posted by:Carina MacKenzie