In the TV movie “Survival Code” (originally aired as “Borealis”), there is a science-fiction power struggle for a town with much of the world’s remaining resources. Starring “Supernatural” actor Ty Olsson, the movie is coming to DVD.

Get a sneak peek at an exclusive clip from the movie here.

“Survival Code’ is the story of a former mixed martial arts fighter, Vic (Olsson), who manipulates his way into a position of authority, thereby controlling all going in and out of Borealis. This is important because, in the year 2045, a large portion of the world’s remaining natural resources are in this town.

For this exclusive video clip, Vic has to return to his fighting roots and agree to participate in a cage fight against a Russian group. There is even a chance that Vic could die in this fight.

“Survival Code” is out now on DVD, digital HD and Pay-Per-View.

Posted by:Laurel Brown