survivor-blood-vs-water-2-cast-CBS.jpgThere are no returning castaways in the “Survivor: San Juan Del Sur – Blood vs. Water” cast that CBS announced Wednesday (Aug. 27), but that doesn’t mean there aren’t familiar faces amongst the new tribes.

Perhaps the biggest name in the cast is John Rocker, a controversial former MLB pitcher who hasn’t pitched in the majors in over a decade, but who continues to make headlines for things like his “Speak English” campaign. Rocker will compete on “Survivor” alongside his girlfriend Julie McGee.

Another pair fans might recognize are twin sisters Nadiya and Natalie Anderson, who competed on Seasons 21 and 24 of “The Amazing Race,” finishing in 4th and 11th places, respectively.

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This season marks the return of Exile Island, where each week two loved ones square off against one another in a battle that will send the loser to isolation on Exile Island, while the winner receives reward for his/her Tribe. However, the winner will also have to choose a tribemate to accompany their loved one to Exile Island.

The 18 castaways are:

Drew Christy     
Age: 25     
Winter Park, Fla.      
Traveling Sales Rep    

Alec Christy
Age: 22
Winter Park, Fla.
Relation: Brothers

Jeremy Collins    
Age: 36     
Foxboro, Mass.       

Val Collins
Age: 35
Foxboro, Mass.
Police Officer
Relation: Married

Reed Kelly     
Age: 31     
New York, N.Y.       
Broadway Performer/Model/Aerialist 

Josh Canfield
Age: 32
New York, N.Y.
Singer, Actor, Writer
Relation: Dating

Jon Misch     
Age: 26     
Waterford, Mich.      
Financial Assistant    

Jaclyn Schultz
Age: 25
Las Vegas, Nev. 
Media Buyer
Relation: College sweethearts

John Rocker     
Age: 39     
Atlanta, Ga.         
Former MLB Player    

Julie McGee
Age: 34
Atlanta, Ga.
Model/Owner of Spray Tan Business
Relation: Dating

Natalie Anderson     
Age: 28     
Edgewater, N.J.       
Crossfit Coach and Student

Nadiya Anderson
Age: 28
Edgewater, N.J.
Crossfit Coach, Project Coordinator at Bridge2Peace
Relation: Sisters

Keith Nale     
Age: 53     
Shreveport, La.        
Fire Captain     

Wes Nale
Age: 23
Shreveport, La.
Relation: Father/son

Missy Payne     
Age: 47     
Dallas, Texas        
Owner of a Competitive Cheerleading Gym  

Baylor Wilson
Age: 20
Nashville, Tenn.
Relation: Mother/daughter

Dale Wentworth     
Age: 55     
Ephrata, Wash.      

Kelley Wentworth
Age: 28
Seattle, Wash. 
Marketing Manager
Relation: Father/daughter
“Survivor: San Juan Del Sur – Blood vs. Water” premieres Wednesday, Sept. 24 at 8 p.m. ET/PT on CBS .

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