drew christy survivor blood vs water 2 voted out 'Survivor: Blood vs. Water 2's' Drew Christy: At least I was entertaining“Survivor: Blood vs. Water 2” saw a pretty good blindside Wednesday (Oct. 15) when Drew Christy was voted out after he threw the Immunity Challenge in an effort to oust someone else from his own tribe. Christy tells Zap2it that throwing the challenge wasn’t a good move but at least he was fun to watch. He also says he’s friends with the women he called “b****es.”

Zap2it: Last night was not a great episode for you.

Drew Christy: It was entertaining, though! That’s all that matters.

What you were thinking with throwing the Immunity Challenge?
So Jon, Jeremy, Natalie and I came up with the idea to throw the challenge because if we kept winning, some of our loved ones … were at risk of getting voted out. So we thought it’d be a good idea to throw the challenge and vote Reed or Julie out. It really kind of backfired on me. I was at Exile Island the whole night. So I didn’t get a chance over the 24 hours to strategize with them and really make a solidified game plan.

It really just didn’t work the way we wanted, especially for me. It worked out for them. Throwing the challenge was the first mistake. I definitely regret that — you should never throw a challenge. The girls just kind of seemed to gang up on me after that, and it just didn’t go the way I wanted it to. I was a little bit over-confident, very delusional. I didn’t eat for those 11 days and didn’t have much water, didn’t have much sleep, just turned into a little bit of a Looney Tunes character out there. It was hard to watch, but it was also funny to laugh about. I don’t mind laughing at myself and I like making other people laugh.

I had a blast out there, made some lifelong friends and grew a new respect for the game and for life, what you need and what you don’t need. It was a humbling experience. I’m thankful for the opportunity to go out there.

After the challenge, why was Kelley the target? Was she really the biggest threat in your tribe at the time?
She was the biggest threat to me at the time. I was hard-headed and I didn’t want to go with the easy vote, which would have been Julie or Reed. Jeremy wanted Keith out — everybody was all over the place. Nobody could decide, everybody was pretty hard-headed and it just seemed to be a bad deal for me because it didn’t take many votes to get me out of the game.

Kelley was the biggest threat to me. She was very observant, she hadn’t missed an episode of “Survivor,” she was a little controlling out there. I thought Kelley was the biggest threat out there. 

You didn’t seem particularly sneaky in your scheming, since you were talking about the plan fairly loudly near all of the women. And viewers weren’t overly pleased with you calling the women “b****es.” What was the deal with that?
There’s a lot of dialogue that went on that the viewers didn’t get to see. Everybody was kind of wound up — it turned from the island time to the New York minute pretty quickly out there. There was some verbiage that wasn’t really viewed as something nice to say, but your perception is your reality. I definitely didn’t mean to say those things in front of Kelley. I didn’t even know she was back there. Maybe it was a combination of not knowing she was there and just not caring. I thought I had a strong enough pull with the other contestants that we could get her out. But I was the only person that wrote down her name that night. So, yeah, it was definitely not very sneaky, to say the least. I was definitely disappointed in myself. I expected more from myself. I guess I made some decent TV, though.

If you could do it all over, what would you do differently?
I wouldn’t throw the challenge, number one. I would just sleep again because you can’t get in too much trouble when you’re not doing anything out there. Nobody likes a lazy guy, but they also didn’t show me in the previous episode doing a lot of things to help the tribe. They just portrayed me as the guy who was laying around all the time. They didn’t portray me building the shelter or opening the coconuts for the girls.

I called the girls b****es, yeah, that’s true, but I was also really good friends with all of them other than Kelley. … Your perception’s your reality and kind of what you see is what you believe. The experience I won’t forget. I think Exile Island really was a game-changer also. There’s a lot of variables that happen out there really fast and you really don’t know what happened unless you were.

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