brad culpepper survivor blood vs water 'Survivor: Blood vs. Water': Brad Culpepper vs. Caleb Bankston at Tribal CouncilWhen we last left our “Survivor: Blood vs. Water” castaways, two people had gone home — Colton claims he quit to help Caleb’s game. Uh huh. Who will go home tonight?

Redemption Island

Candice is understandably dismayed to find her husband arriving at their Redemption camp. He’s like, “Sorry you’ve been here without me” and she’s like, “Dude, it’s not good that we’re both here.” We appreciate the sentiment, but c’mon, John.

The next morning at the duel, Candice is mad at John’s tribe, saying she wished it was Brad who walked into Redemption. The show’s editing acts like her saying he’s “somebody she could hate” and calling him a “child” is akin to her running over his dog with a truck or something. It’s a game, gang. Calm down.

John does take the time to call him out and warn people, then we get to the duel. It’s a rope race on a ladder bridge, then a tough puzzle.

Marissa and John are first across the ladder, but then John pulls way ahead on the puzzle and wins — with Brad magnanimously telling John he has a piece out of place. Candice catches Marissa and then passes her, as Gervase tries to help Marissa from the sidelines. But it’s not enough and Candice wins. Sorry, Marissa. You really got hosed on that first elimination vote — that Gervase-yelling excuse was weak.

When John gets to give someone a clue for the Hidden Idol, Candice says they should give it to Monica. The idea is that it puts a target on your back. Innnnnteresting. But THEN Monica walks the clue down and puts it in the fire! Huh. Candice snots, “Doin’ what she’s told,” because Brad told her to do that. Which is kind of silly, Candice, because you just told John who to give it to and he did it. That’s what husbands and wives do, remember? *eye roll*

After the duel, there’s a “Blue Lagoon” segment where Candice and John have a little couple time, where they fish and act all cute.


Brad acts like he cut John because his loved one on the other side is gone — he wants people with connections for when they merge. Hmm. That may be true, but it seems to us that it was more like Brad felt like he couldn’t control John and so John had to hit the bricks.

Brad is already plotting Caleb’s ouster because he’s missing his pair too, so that whole merge argument again, but we again suspect it’s more about no loved one left to target Brad and/or his wife.

When he goes fishing, the guys talk about how Brad is dangerous but they need to keep him around because he’s a huge target. Now that is good strategy. Hayden, Caleb and Vytas seem to have a pretty good position in the game.


Monica can’t believe everyone hates her husband because he’s probably over there being Superman. Monica, it’s a game. He’s ruling the roost over there and not everybody is one of his “followers.” Relax, lady.

The next day, Tyson confesses that he’s playing up his injury a little so he has to do less around camp. Thatta boy. And he and Gervase are being “coconut bandits” (“Survivor’s” words) where they sneak off and drink coconut milk together. Heh.

Laura Boneham discovers the evidence of somebody getting into the coconut, but Monica says it’s probably a crab doing it. Yes, a giant coconut-cracking crab. Double heh.

Tyson and Gervase are also aligned because they don’t have loved ones anymore and Aras is their target because he and Vytas would be such a huge threat post-merge.

Immunity Challenge

The challenge this week is paddling for crates, using them to build a staircase and then a puzzle at the top of the tower that unlocks a key and raises a flag. The prize, in addition to Immunity, is either coffee and biscotti or fishing gear. Tina and Kat sit out for Galang. We are just wondering about Tyson competing when Jeff asks just that — Tyson says he’s better with one arm than most everybody else on his tribe. Hmm.

Once again, Tadhana dominates on the boat portion, though Laura Boneham is a beast at the underwater crate untying and makes up some time for them. Then Tadhana tips two crates off their boat when Brad tries to get back in the boat. Oof. Galang takes the lead.

They’re pretty close on the staircase portion but then Galang dominates the puzzle and wins. Geez, you guys on Tadhana. Can NO ONE do a puzzle?! Maybe you should’ve kept John around.


Ciera laments that the guys go off and decide who to vote off (um, you should’ve shored up an alliance sooner then, dummy). But this time, Brad tells the girls that it’s Caleb who is getting voted out this week, while his other male alliance members decide it’s Ciera who is going.

It’s looking like a 3-3 tie at this point, but it’s a very short segment pre-Tribal here, so we have no idea what all was actually discussed. And in a jarring edit, as they walk to Tribal, Brad talking-heads that he’s voting out Ciera. Hmph.

Tribal Council

Brad wastes no time in caling Ciera out for losing their lead on the puzzle several times — um, let’s not forget that this time, the lead was squandered when Brad tried to get back in the boat and dumped two crates out. It’s not entirely anyone’s fault this time, though yes, Ciera sucks at puzzles. Why does she keep doing them?

Probst points out the strategy of voting out somebody who doesn’t have a loved one left because there’s no one on the other tribe to be mad. Caleb looks a little worried at this point and then says that Brad campaigned against him today. Um, we didn’t see that. That’s annoying.

So then Caleb just out-right says he’s writing Brad’s name down and tells the girls and his alliance members they can do what they want. Ruh roh. Will anyone have the balls to jump on that bandwagon?

During the vote, we only see Caleb vote for Brad and Brad vote for Ciera. Interesting. The entire edit of the show since the challenge got over has been very weird. They’re talking about stuff we didn’t see, Brad goes from Caleb to Ciera seemingly in the blink of an eye. This is very discombobulated.

The votes go Brad, Ciera, Ciera, Brad (?), Ciera and Brad. Huh. That was unexpected. So, did Hayden and Vytas decide on the spot to vote out Brad or did the girls decide on the spot? Or were one of those pairs of people in on this from the outset?

During the revote, Hayden struggles with his vote, staring to write Ciera and then crossing it out and we don’t see who he finally votes for. He should know from his “Big Brother” experience that his all-guy alliance is crumbing this time around and it’s time to cut a big threat.

The votes go Brad, Ciera, Brad and Brad, though Hayden did NOT flip. His says Ciera on it. Huh. This episode is like six kinds of confusing.

Brad tells Caleb he’s not mad at him and leaves being very positive. He mostly seems like a nice guy, but there were flashes of him just getting a little too big for his britches at times. Candice is delighted to see Brad join them on Redemption.

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