val collins survivor blood vs water interview 'Survivor's' Val Collins admits her Immunity Idol lie 'was a little insane'Wednesday’s (Oct. 1) “Survivor: San Juan del Sur” saw castaway Val Collins try to pull a fast one on her tribe by claiming she had two Hidden Immunity Idols. She admits to Zap2it that the Idol lie was “a little insane,” but she was scrambling to save herself and didn’t have a lot of other options.

Zap2it: Are you glad you did “Survivor,” even if you went home fairly early?
Val Collins: I’m so happy that I did it. I feel like my husband and I came out of it even stronger in our marriage. It was the first time that we both were in very challenging situations and didn’t have each other easily accessible to depend on each other or bounce things off each other, so I feel like we grew as individuals, which made our relationship grow as a union.

Let’s talk about the Immunity Idol lie — what was that about? Did you feel like it was your only option?
Oh, yeah. When Nadiya got voted out, my name was right up there with her. Nadiya thought it was going to be me. The guys were saying, “Somebody hasn’t been here, somebody hasn’t been here.” So I thought I was going the first night. There was no kind of welcoming — the girls did, Jaclyn and Nadiya definitely welcomed me in, but the guys were all bro’d up and they didn’t really feel like they needed to do anything because they had the numbers. We knew the girls were a target and coming back into the tribe after being in Exile, they had really bonded. … I knew I was going to be targeted and it was the only thing I thought could possibly buy me some more time, if they thought I had it — if somebody wanted to work with me because I had it or they were nervous about me playing it.

That makes sense when you put it that way. Watching it on the show, it seemed a little insane.
It was a little insane! [laughs] I was definitely scrambling. I was like how can i get them off my back? You get back there and it’s like OK, I have this group. I don’t even know where the well is, so how am I gonna walk off and look for it without making it look obvious? Everybody’s watching your moves. It’s not like I had as many opportunities as everybody else when they were building shelter or getting stuff for camp, nobody’s paying as much attention to it. But when the Exile girl comes back and she’s taking people off for a walk, or she’s walking off by herself. I didn’t have people I could trust and I definitely was scrambling. If they were going to target me, then I was going to stir some stuff up.

Why do you think the tribe targeted you?
We were losing … and they were also down and out from not getting the fire going for so long, which also bonded them. We were really the underdogs and it was just an easy decision to make, so I don’t blame them. Why wouldn’t you [vote me out]? They didn’t really know me, they all got along, so why wouldn’t you take the person you didn’t really know and possibly you thought could be a threat later? Because think about it — I had gone to Exile, my husband had gone to Exile with John, now they see me walking off with John, so now you have three people who are possibly working together who possibly have an Idol. Maybe four with Julie. There were a lot of people I could have potentially had some kind of bond with for the long run. … It was very obvious there was something going on between us after [John] had been in Exile with Jeremy.

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