survivor cagayan mad treasure hunt 'Survivor: Cagayan': It's Chaos Kass vs. Queen Morgan this weekWhen we last left the “Survivor: Cagayan” castaways, Sarah Lacina had a good shot at playing both sides and promptly blew it by playing it absolutely the wrong way. How will it work out for Kass, the one who flipped? Time will tell.


Spencer is livid at his alliance collapsing because Kass and her “gut” went bonkers, though he blames it on her estrogen. Oh, cram it, Spencer. Like men don’t make crazy, emotional decisions. This has to do with Kass being crazy, not Kass being a woman.

Kass is patting herself mightily on the back for her triple whammy of getting out the person she was targeting and also getting two Idols out there. Honestly, it seems like Kass was pretty stupid in that move. Who’s to say she’s not low man on the totem pole with her new alliance?

Though, as Sarah pointed out, everybody would be dumb not to take Kass to the end now because she’s going to have a hard time getting jury votes to win the money.

morgan mcleod survivor cagayan 'Survivor: Cagayan': It's Chaos Kass vs. Queen Morgan this weekThe next day, it becomes about Kass vs. Morgan because Morgan doesn’t seem to do much around camp and that bothers Kass.

Morgan gets real ugly, real quick by saying that Kass just doesn’t like her because Morgan is prettier than Kass. Honestly, Kass is a lot of things, but I do not get the impression that Kass dislikes Morgan because she’s jealous. That’s an excuse a lot of immature, pretty women use for when other women don’t like them because it’s easier to say, “They’re just jealous” than it is to face up to how maybe you aren’t the greatest person in the world.

Reward Challenge

The reward is a “Survivor” steakhouse in the jungle, which is probably about the most awesome thing these people could have at this point. They are divided into teams, though weirdly Jeff doesn’t tell us at the top who is on which team. But anyway, the challenge is a teeter-totter made of netting, a balance beam, hauling a chest, scaling a wall and then a puzzle.

The teams are fairly evenly matched, trading the lead back and forth depending on the obstacle. The puzzle, as it often is, is what it comes down to. Spencer and LJ make much quicker work of it than Woo and Kass, so Spence, LJ, Jeremiah, Jefra and Morgan are headed to the steakhouse, while Woo, Kass, Tony, Tasha and Trish are headed home empty-handed.


While the young ‘uns are at the reward, Tony and Trish want to know who Kass wants gone since she knows the other castaways better than they do, as Tony assures her that she did the right thing. He’s not sure about her because she seems sincere and yet she could be a really good liars. Plus, look what she just did to her previous alliance, right?

Meanwhile, the Outback Steakhouse reward is actually a product placement I can get behind. At least it’s not a challenge where they haul around a giant Gulliver, amirite? Remember those shenanigans? Anyway, Spencer finds what he thinks might be a clue to the Idol that’s back at camp.

woo hwang survivor cagayan 'Survivor: Cagayan': It's Chaos Kass vs. Queen Morgan this weekBack at camp, it starts pouring rain and everyone is huddled in the shelter, but Spencer not-at-all-casually sneaks off to read his clue. Woo is no dummy, so he follows Spence into the jungle. Both Woo and the show joke about his #ninjastealthmode, but honestly, Woo is actually pretty stealthy when he spies on Spencer.

Woo eventually reveals himself and then awesomely picks up Spencer’s pants and the Idol clue falls out, so Woo snatches it up and runs off with it. The camera crew is really earning its keep this episode because all of a sudden it looks like “Blair Witch” in the jungle as Woo sprints away and both the cameras and Spencer give chase.

The camp ninja promptly tells everyone what Spencer was up to and then it is ON like Donkey Kong and then we understand the episode title, “Mad Treasure Hunt.” Everyone goes bonkers trying to find this special new Idol.

“You know it’s bad when Morgan, the girl you can’t tell if she’s a pillow or a person, you know it’s serious when she’s up off her a** and looking for this Idol,” says Tony. Hee!

Then hilariously, Spencer finds it but Kass is standing right there, so he has to wait until Kass isn’t watching and then he stuffs it in his pants and walks away. It’s kind of amazing after all of that scrambling that Spencer found it and nobody knows he has it. However, it’s not the special Idol. That one remains hidden, presumably. This Idol is just a normal Idol.

Immunity Challenge

It’s an endurance challenge where the castaways have to stand on their tiptoes to hold a block between their heads and the top of the frame they’re standing inside. Kass lasts like 5 seconds, then Jeremiah, Trish and Tony are out fairly quickly. Wow, this is a killer. The “Survivor” challenge-makers are so creative.

tasha fox survivor cagayan 'Survivor: Cagayan': It's Chaos Kass vs. Queen Morgan this weekTwenty-five minutes in, Morgan and Woo are out, leaving LJ, Jefra, Spencer and Tasha, who are all still in it at an hour. Holy moly. I didn’t expect this to last 30 minutes, let alone 60. But at an hour, Jefra is out and she almost can’t stand on her legs.

LJ falls and it’s Tasha vs. Spencer. Tasha looks cool as a cucumber, honestly. She’s like a statue. But at 90 minutes in (!!!), Spencer is still hanging in there and then rather amazingly, he wins. Not that I didn’t think he could do it, Tasha just looked so comfortable, like she could stand there all day long.


Now, Spencer’s big decision becomes does he give his Idol to one of his alliance-mates, or does he save it for himself. If you can get the numbers back, that’s huge. However, the Tony/Trish/Kass/Jefra/Woo/LJ alliance is targeting Morgan, it sounds like. The chances that Spencer gives Morgan his Idol seems slim to me. He would protect Tasha before he’d protect Morgan.

But Spencer knows going after crazy Kass is the only chance they have. If Kass will flip, she can help them use the Idol and get the numbers back. It’s not insane — Kass obviously likes to stir the pot just to stir stuff up, plus Spencer appeals to her sense of “get the jury votes back” because she certainly doesn’t have them at this point.

Spencer tells Kass that Tony is who they want to target and Kass’ thinking (privately in an interview) is that going after Tony is a bigger move than going after Morgan, which is 100 percent correct. Morgan is not much of a gamer, while Tony is a big fish to go after.

We don’t have much sense of what anyone is going to do, which makes me think that Kass is going to flip and they’ll use the Idol to protect Morgan, sending Tony home.

kass-mcquillen-survivor-cagayan.jpgTribal Council

They rehash the previous Tribal Council, but everybody’s pretty much over it, which is also why I think Kass and Spencer have made up and are aligned again. Then it turns to how everyone feels about Morgan. She makes no bones about how the world is easy for her because she’s pretty (and has big boobs, but that part is left unsaid) and how at the Beauty tribe, the guys did all the work for the pretty women. Shocking, right?

Then Jefra tries to insist that Kass is not the low person on the totem pole in their alliance, but even if that’s true, you know that Kass is still worried about it. That’s another reason for her to flip back, which Probst points out. Clearly, it has all come down to whatever Kass decides to do.

Before the votes are read, however, nobody plays the hidden Idol. Interesting. The votes go Tony, Tony, Tony, (Tony! Toni! Toné!), Tony, Morgan, Morgan, Morgan, Morgan, Morgan and Morgan.

Hmm. Well, I mis-read what Kass was going to do. I really thought she decided to get on board with Spencer’s plan, but I don’t think she’s done flip-flopping in this game, not by a long shot.

Next week: Paranoia sets in for Tony and he maybe loses his marbles. In her exit interview, Morgan tells Kass to grow up, which is another thing immature people like to throw around a lot.

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