tony-vlachos-lj-mckanas-survivor-cagayan-CBS.jpgPoor Morgan McCleod was Chaos Kass’ latest victim last week on “Survivor: Cagayan,” but it turns out this week that the “Chaos” title belongs to Tony and not Kass.


Tony’s pretty high on the hog for not getting voted out and he preens about how “unworthy” Morgan had to go because she didn’t deserve to be there. He’s also pretty flabbergasted they came after him, but dude — you’re a leader, you’re smart, you’re cunning (which is not the same as just being smart) and you’re a physical threat. Tony is one of the biggest gamers at this point, so he has to go at some point or he’ll win the game (not that I am necessarily rooting against that, I’m just saying that’s the position he’s in in the game).

Meanwhile, Trish is a little nervous about Tony in her alliance because he’s impatient and impulsive. That is a concern and Trish is just as much of a gamer, she’s just quieter about it, so perhaps she can be swayed to turn. Then no sooner do I type that than Tony decides it’s time to turn the alliance against LJ, who certainly is a threat, but this won’t do Tony any favors in convincing his alliancemates that he’s patient and not impulsive.

tony-vlachos-survivor-cagayan-CBS.jpgReward Challenge

A spa day is up for grabs and to get there, the castaways are in three teams and must navigate sandbags through a course then bounce them into five baskets (one in each basket). The teams are Jefra/Trish/LJ, Kass/Tasha/Woo, Spencer/Tony/Jeremiah. I expected Kass/Tasha/Woo to be behind, but the teams are fairly evenly matched, actually. The all-guy team has a lead going into the basket toss, though, and that’s all Tony needs because he’s very good at the sandbag-bouncing portion and the guys win easily.

Tony is pretty pumped about this time alone with Spencer and Jeremiah because he thinks they will be on board with blindsiding LJ. He’s probably right — why wouldn’t they want to keep the heat off their alliance and get out a big guy at the same time? Back at camp, poor Woo is happy that Tony can keep an eye on Spencer and Jeremiah. Little does he know …

Spencer is practically quoting Chumbawumba about how he’s not out of the game yet and he’s happy to talk strategy with Tony. While all this is happening, LJ is back at camp talking to Jefra and Trish about how Tony wants Woo out, so the strong alliance of six is crumbling. Woo is completely in the dark, but suddenly it’s a matter of Tony vs. LJ going home tonight.

Interesting how quickly things change on “Survivor,” but suddenly Spencer, Tasha and Jeremiah are in pretty good shape when last week, it looked as though they were going to be picked off one by one.

However, back at camp, it’s a different story because suddenly LJ doesn’t want to chat with Tasha about getting Tony out. He does know he needs more people to get Tony out, right? Is he just being cautious because he doesn’t want Tony to get suspicious or has he seriously changed his mind? It’s hard to tell.

trish-hegarty-survivor-cagayan-CBS.jpgImmunity Challenge

The challenge is a memory test involving colored blocks this week. Rather embarrassingly, two people, Trish and Woo, are eliminated in round one where they only had to remember four colors. Seriously, guys? Four colors?

Round two sees more people knocked out (on the second to last color), with only Tony, Tasha and LJ left on the last color and then Tasha gets it. I’m glad she won because that’ll make the LJ vs. Tony thing more interesting since one of them didn’t win.

However, as they walk off, LJ voice-overs that they just have to split their six votes between Jeremiah and Spencer. He really does not seem interested in going after Tony and that is probably going to be his downfall.


Tasha thinks she was in danger of going home without Immunity. Yeah, no. Obviously the guys you are aligned with are going to be targeted first, they’re bigger threats. Anyway, the power six alliance seems quite sure of themselves about taking out Spencer or Jeremiah, but that’s before Tony gets to work convincing people that LJ is shady.

Woo is Tony’s first target, saying LJ wants to blindside him and Woo seems to believe it. If Tony has Spencer, Jeremiah and now Woo, he only needs to talk to Tasha because you know she’ll do anything to save her alliance.

Spencer decides this is the best course of action for him, even if it’s a trick to get him not to play his Idol. Honestly, he’s right. He has to risk that he goes home with an Idol in his pocket because if this works, he gets out a threat, keeps his alliance strong and still has an Idol.

So, Spencer agrees and Jeremiah is on board, so they can get Tasha and easy peasy, right? Except Tony can’t leave well enough alone. Can he count? They don’t need six votes! They only need five. But he opens his big mouth to Trish and she is hesitant because she likes her strong six-person alliance.

Will that screw up his blindside? He’s got the numbers without Trish, but he’s rethinking things because Trish is his closest ally — he says you have to know when to “kiss a**” and when to “kick a**,” and now is maybe the time to “kiss a**” and vote out Spencer or Jeremiah. Hmm.

Tribal Council

At camp, Tony tries to posture that he has an Idol by saying he “brought his bag of tricks” to Tribal Council. Probst points out that why would Tony need a “bag of tricks” if he has a strong alliance of six people? But LJ insists that his alliance is “water tight.”

There’s some more talk about the six and who’s on the bottom, but I’m not getting a sense that Woo and Tony flipped on LJ just yet. There is no Hidden Idol played and the votes go LJ, LJ, LJ, Jeremiah, Jeremiah, Jeremiah, Spencer, LJ (!) and LJ.

Wow, the editors are really playing these blindsides close to the vest this season. Is there just not enough footage to give us a sense? Because usually you’re chomping at the bit to see how so-and-so is going to vote, but this season I have always felt like the blindsides were going the other way when they happened. Huh. Am I alone here? Did you really think Tony and Woo had decided to get LJ out?

Next week: Tony is getting a little crazy in wanting to control the game, while Woo perhaps hurts himself falling out of a tree. Oh, Woo.

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