survivor-cagayan-auction-CBS.jpgWhen we last left our “Survivor: Cagayan” castaways, Jefra did not help Spencer and Tasha pull a fast one on Tony. But Tony isn’t exactly sitting pretty either, as his paranoia may be his downfall.


Jefra makes a good point that she doesn’t think she can beat Spencer or Tasha at the end, so that’s why she decided not to go with them. She’s not wrong. The only people who will probably take Spencer or Tasha to the end are each other (if they don’t turn because they each will realize at some point that their alliance-mate poses a huge threat to win the game).

The “Survivor” Auction

Yes! This is one of the most fun events of the entire season. Naturally, as soon as they get word, Tony and Spencer are both on high alert for the advantage in the game that will inevitably be offered up.

The first item is candy, popcorn and a pop, which — are you serious? I would not spend five cents on that item. Have they never watched this show before? Trish pays $80 for it. Then Jefra buys an item unseen for $100 — it’s guacamole, salsa, a quesadilla and a margarita. Now that’s a good item.

For $20, Kass then gets an unseen item. She is offered an unseen trade but stays with the original item, which turns out to be a steak sandwich and iced tea. Mmmm. Then Trish spends $60 on what Kass passed up — rice and a glass of water.

Trish is ridiculously teasing the guys for hoarding their money and not bidding on food. Um, seriously Trish, are you not familiar at all with this game? What do you THINK they’re waiting on, ya doof?

Woo gets ribs and a beer for $40, which is kind of shocking — not from Tony, Spencer or Tasha, but I’m surprised the women who are bidding on food didn’t jump in there too. Kudos to the sound editors for the porn music when Woo eats the ribs.

tony-vlachos-survivor-cagayan-auction-CBS.jpgThings finally get interesting with the advantage. Since so many people are seemingly interested, if they’re in for the full $500, then they draw rocks for who actually gets it. Tony and Spencer go in right away, but Tasha bows out, which is kind of dumb. She waited all that time and if she goes in, Tony has less of a chance of getting it. She and Spencer have a two-to-one advantage if she throws in! That was a dumb move for an alliance that basically consists of only two people.

When it comes time to draw rocks, Tony wins, which is unfortunate. It’s not that I have something against Tony, per se, but it makes things more interesting if Tasha and Spencer have the advantage. Also, the auction ends with that item, so Tasha looks even more foolish. She really should have gone in on that draw.


The girls are lying around whining about how full they are, which is being pretty poor sports since some people didn’t get have food. It rankles Tony in particular because he kept the advantage out of Spencer’s hand at the cost of eating anything.

Speaking of Tony, he gets a clue to another Idol, so now he’ll have two Idols and one of them he can play after the votes are read. That’s … wow. This isn’t even fun anymore. Of course, Tony still has to find the Idol, which he has some trouble with.

Meanwhile, Tasha and Spencer have decided to sow some seeds of paranoia with Tony by hanging out with the girls and hopefully making him think an all-girl alliance could get rid of him. Tasha does the chit-chatting while Spencer gets Tony worried about the ladies, especially Jefra — which isn’t even a lie. Last week, Jefra was with Spencer and Tasha for at least a little while.

It’s a pretty slick move because Tony’s a bit of a loose cannon. Also, at this point, what do Tasha and Spencer have to lose? And Tony seems to swallow it hook, line and sinker. He’s a good leader, but he’s not the most cunning strategist, so it doesn’t surprise me that it works. We’ll see if it works far enough to carry over into Tribal Council.

Perhaps Tony’s paranoia coupled with the ladies’ seeming refusal to do anything around camp will make him turn on them. Either way, he’s sitting pretty because he finds the second Idol. Wow.

Immunity Challenge

They must dig up bags from the sand, get the balls out from inside and then maneuver the balls through a table maze. Kass and Trish quickly fall behind, Tony, Woo and Spencer have the lead in the sand bag portion, but then Tasha gets her bags untied and her balls out really quickly and gets two balls settled in the table maze before anybody else has even started. She is a challenge beast.

Woo catches her, though, which is impressive. It’s a race for the final ball and Tasha pulls it out. Wow, good for her. She’s been doing awesome lately. Unfortunately, Spencer doesn’t still have his Idol, so perhaps things aren’t looking so good for him right now. But we’ll see what Tony does …


Tony is doing some math with his fingers and illustrating for us that if Spencer leaves, the women have a 4-2 advantage. He goes to Woo, who is fairly susceptible to suggestion, and says the two of them have to go with Tasha and Spencer and vote out Jefra. Spencer and Tasha are obviously on board, so going into Tribal Council, it looks like Jefra is the one.

Until Spencer goes off to look for an Idol and Tony doesn’t like it? It’s kind of a weird few seconds shoe-horned into the episode to add some tension. They want us to think Tony is mad at Spencer for looking for an Idol, but that just seems like Spencer’s playing the game. It still feels to me like they’re voting out Jefra — but of course, the editors have been super-sneaky this season with this stuff, so who knows?

Tribal Council

Tony weirdly just starts running his mouth about how Spencer has been telling him his alliance is turning against him. Well, that doesn’t exactly spell blindside for Jefra, huh? Why would he just put that out there? Also, Tony takes out his new Idol and hangs it around his neck. Insert penis metaphor here.

Probst points out how dysfunctional and chaotic all these people are and he’s exactly right. This is maybe the most schizophrenic season of “Survivor” I’ve ever seen. You don’t know what most of these people are going to do at any given moment.

Spencer makes an impassioned speech about making big moves before you get eliminated, so now I’m not convinced that Tony’s going to flip anymore.

The votes are tied Spencer and Jefra at two apiece and then they remain tied at 3 votes each and brows start to furrow. Then Jefra is voted out and the women all look fairly confused (except Tasha, obviously).

Next week: Has Tony over-played? Will Chaos Kass reign supreme?

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